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A little excerpt from an interview QT did for KB on <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tino.shtml”></LINK_TEXT>

JR: The sound effects work is great.

QT: Oh yeah! I couldn’t be happier because with my sound effects editor, designer, and our mixer - they’re amazing. They did all of Olive Stone’s movies. They won an Oscar for Black Hawk Down. I had a big talk with them, and I was just like, “Here’s the deal. I’m not putting this down, but I don’t want this to sound like Terminator 3.” And by the way, Terminator 3 is actually one of my favorite movies of the year. But the point is, I don’t want it to have that big boomy action sound that you see in all the big booming Hollywood movies.

I’ve heard so many directors say stuff like, “Oh, I wanted to go see…but oh I just can’t see it there. I can’t see it at the Tarzana, they don’t play it loud enough…and this and that and all these problems.” You can cut a couple fingers off and count on one hand all the directors that actually see their movies in neighborhood theaters or grind houses. They just don’t do it, cuz they can’t deal with it. My feeling is, “Look, playing at the Chinese Theater or the Ziegfeld, all right. The highest, y’know, it could possibly be with the sound doing all it’s work with all the tinkle in the glass and everything. That should only add five percent of the enjoyment. If it adds any more than that, then your movie ain’t that good. You’re simply trying to-you turn the volume up. You’re trying to stun them into thinking they saw a good movie.” You have to remember the movies I’m basing this movie on had shitty mixes! They mixed it all in a fucking weekend! It was all post and play.

And, by the way, when I’m watching these Shaw brothers movies, I’m watching a ninth generation bootleg. The quality, half of the time, looks like you’re watching it through an aquarium. The sound is all brrrr, and they’re still invigorating and they’re still exciting. Not only are they exciting, but you can invite friends over to watch it with you. You would have a presentational viewing of a ninth-generation bootleg. And I said, “That’s what this movie has to do. Yeah, when we’re playing at the Ziegfeld I want every bang for my buck. I want to be able to take this movie, bootleg it down nine times, and I still would invite friends over to watch it. It’s still got to work, there’s gotta be no apologies.”[/quote]



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This was announced on Talk Entertainment.


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It’s further down on the page, but here is another one.

Interview with Uma Thurman - found on this board:

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here’s a really early one, from 2000, on IGN’s filmforce (must’ve been brand new back then)