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Oh my god!

Just saw on the BBC news that they’ve made a Bollywood version of Reservoir Dogs! Did anyone else know this?

I have to say, I hadn’t heard this. But I’m not really surprised, either! Isn’t bollywood a bit like the porno industry, in that they’ll make their own version of most major films? Although saying that, Hollywood has a tendency to remake foreign films as well.

Oh dear god I hope there’s not a porno version of reservoir dogs!

shit, that would be a real GAY mr Pink.


For the porno version, they can change all the characters to female and instead of an ear cutting scene it would be a penis cutting scene. It would be a new meaning to a jewelery heist.


For anyone who’s at all interested, the cinema where I work cater for a big Asian market, and one of our recent Bollywood releases happens to be - you guessed it - the Bollywood RD. What I’ve seen of it, its a bizarre experience to say the least.

It’s called ‘Kaante’ (don’t know the literal translation) and is an incredible three hours long. I’ve been sneaking in to catch bits of it, and all other information I’ve got from an Asian friend who’s seen it. Apparently, the basic story is RD, but they’ve fleshed it out with scenes similar to ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Heat’. Also (I haven’t seen any of these bits but god I want to!) a variety of song and dance numbers. Including one in a pole dancing club. Blatantly, this is what was missing from the original :wink:

I don’t think they’ve used colour code names, but it’s pretty easy to pick out who’s who. Mr Blonde really does have blonde hair, oddly enough. Other unusual differences include, in the warehouse, Mr Orange does not bleed to death on the floor, oh no, he considerately has a nice couch to bleed to death on. I have no idea where that has come from! I missed the three way shootout but only because it takes them 15 minutes to kill each other, what with all the slow motion and freeze framing and the like. (I’m serious)

As a result, I don’t think Tarantino has a whole lot to worry about. Although it’s a big hit by Bollywood terms.

And of course, the Asian Mr Orange is nowhere near as hot as Tim Roth. 'Nuff said! ;D

we’ve been looking for it everywhere to buy on video (boycott DVDs!), but we heard that it’s not going to be released on video for ages/ the forseeable future, which makes us very sad. It sounds great; near enough to RD to be really wierd, but far enough away as to not leave emotional scars (e.g. stage production of RD :’().

OMG! Was this serieus…I wanna see this if that is so…

I saw this a while ago. In fact I made a topic about it. Bear in mind, though, that there is a Bollywood version of Superman too. They make so many films, they can afford to remake all Hollywood’s films. The bollywood superman sucks, but nowadays Bollywood is quite cool.

But, as far as Kaante goes, the three way shootout involves everyone brandishing two guns each and it is heavily stylised. In fact, the whole film is. It’s alright, but as a fan of RD (as I know everyone here is) you will notice huge chunks of dialogue taken straight from RD, albeit translated in Hindi. But there are quite a few differences though. I like to think of it like the difference between Score (Japanese one), RD and City on Fire. All separate films with the same basic premise.

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And RD is a remake, too. So what’s the big deal?

Reservoir Dogs wasn’t a remake.

Yeah, I refuse to believe that. The amount it has in common with City on Fire is very minimal. It isn’t a remake.

And RD is a remake, too. So what’s the big deal?
Shows what you know

Wow, I’m sold. Just show me where to sign up.

The director of Kaante has been pulled up for plagiarism so many times. He did that oldboy “remake” in Bollywood recently called Zinda. He’s a bit of a bastard. He could at least disguise it a bit.