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Of all the movies he's done... which one should he be most proud of?

I think Kill Bill Vol. 2 is a work of art.

The writing, the directing, the look and feel of the movie, the structure. Everything about is perfect. The performances are some of the finest you’ll see in a Tarantino movie, especially from Carradine, Thurman and Madsen.

Of all the movies he’s done, this one has got to be the one he’s incredibly proud of.

Very true, KB2 is so great, i still have no words.

I agree, it’s Kill Bill Vol.2 for sure.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 for sure but how about something that isn’t a masterpiece like that movie is. Maybe something he had a more personnel role in making or getting made. I don’t know, just throwing it out there. I know I’ll be re-watching alot of his flicks now and maybe I’ll find one that he might have been most proud of eventually. But yeah, Kill Bill it is.

I agree KB 2 is something he would be most proud of in terms of the end product and the way the movie looks. But perhaps Reservoir Dogs could also be considered when you think of it in terms of his first movie and the limitations that would entail.


I dont consider Kill Bill Vol 2 a separate film. Kill Bill is one movie. I think its his best original work so far. It def trumps Pulp Fiction for me. I love PF, but Kill Bill took QTs filmmaking to an even more exciting place. I havent seen Basterds yet of course. I hope that takes its place.

I dont consider Kill Bill Vol 2 a separate film. Kill Bill is one movie.

Yes, it sure is one film like Lord of the Rings.

It was written as one film, shot as one film. Split in half for obvious reasons.

I wouldn’t call it original, since he took things from early kung-fu movies and such. I call Pulp Fiction his most original work, but in terms of being proud, then yes, I believe today he would say it’s Kill Bill.

Pulp Fiction isnt 100% original either. He took classic pulp crime stories and redid them his own way. But any film that you write from scratch is an original work regardless what you take ideas from. Most filmmakers steal ideas from their favorite films and directors to make their own films. In other words hes not doing film remakes or book adaptations (besides Jackie Brown).

A Quentin Tarantino film is from his mind and noone elses. Thats why its original. Noone else would or could make Kill Bill exactly like he would. Its too unique unto itself.

All I know is hopefully come Aug, I have a new fav Tarantino movie. But I do understand what your saying, though in my opinion, I just think Pulp Fiction is more original in a story and character aspect.