O-Ren and Budd- spidey senses?

And how did Bill know that Elle’s gonna kill Bea while she’s in coma? He didn’t tell her to go, his voice didn’t sound like “you know I just changed my mind”.

He called her in the last moment.

He says “Elle, I want you to abort the mission, we owe her better than that” which to me seems like it was planned between the two of them (or between the vipers)

Awww… I saw Kill Bill Vol.1 long time ago. But I am gonna buy a DVD and remember things.

Thanks Ify.

i just figured they kinda had a sense that was telling them something was up. so in a way it is “spidey senses”. kinda like when you call in sick to work becuse you have a feeling your going to have the shits all day.

Well bear in mind, Kill Bill exists strictly on a fantasy plane, so QT can take any creative liberties. Yet, this isn't the first film to have assassins or trained killers that are uncannily attuned to their surroundings or environment. The concept is as old as film itself.

yeah, I didn’t mean literally “Spidey” senses or anything like that. But when Budd first gets home from work and he’s standing outside, he makes a funny face as if he knows something is up. So was there actual physical evidence that led him to believe that Beatrix was under the trailer or was it just a simple guess that she was there?

He knew she was coming for him. They are trained to know when certain things are happening. He could have just sat at home like that every night waiting for her. And when she came, he was ready. And O Ren is amazingly hot, so she can have whatever kind of powers she wants. I wish i had some x-ray so i could lok at her hot naked body…

I wish i had some x-ray so i could lok at her hot naked body…

Don’t you think you’ll just see the wall behind your tv.

Because of the drums. Very carefully timed.