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Hey I’m back with another question. The film school I’m at now is just a two year school program. I want to transfer after two years and go to another school and finish up. I was looking at New York Film Academy it seems to be one of the bigger known film schools. I was just wonder if anyone goes there or has gone there before or if they know someone who went there or is going there. Also i would like to know what you or your friends and family thought about the New York Film Academy and if it is one of the best film schools in the country and is it what it makes out to be?

If it isn’t that good or even if it is good or not what other good film schools would you recommend?

It really does not matter what film school you go to IMO. I am starting film school next year i’m doing the same thing your doing im starting at community college, then transferring over to temple. i go to temple for free because my dad works there and community to make up for my mediocre grades. To be honest if i had to go into debt to go to college i would not go. Film school cant teach you how to to make a good film, it just teaches you the technical side of it and gives you experience for shooting. Hence why in my opinion any film school is suitable if your willing to pay the dough.

Thanks for the information, I can see where your coming from.