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Norm Macdonald doing QT

Has anyone seen that SNL bit about Pulp Fiction where Norm Macdonald does QT. I laughed so hard. He does it soo good. Norm doing QT is talking about which actors he wanted for Vincent and it goes thru all these actors, my fav. was when the maid from the brady bunch was doing Vincent… loloo its great, i recommend that…

I didn’t see this! :’( i wish i had, it sounds funny.

Yeah, it was great. Norm’s a great, dry comedian

Here’s something great for all y’all!

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 01_10.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Includes entire script, pictures + download audio :smiley:


Is there any video to download ?

It looks very funny !

Yeah i wouldnt picture him doing a good QT impression…but it is rather remarkable i must say.

That looks so fucking cool. Too bad I missed it, damn. Jimmy Mathers ! That’s priceless.!