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No Hawaii 5 0 for QT?

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LMAO!! QT isnt sounding too joyful these days. Everything sucks! Even Hawaii! He mustve hated Magnum PI too!

QT needs to just do his own stuff and leave the remakes/franchise films to the Hollywood hack squad. Hes better than that shit. Theres nothing worse than empty, uninspired Hollywood BS. I’m so glad he knows to stay away from it.

That was great, what is Lawrence Bender thinking, QT should find himself another producer. Who’s heard of Hawaii O’ 5???

Why do you think him and Lawrence arent working together anymore? There is no more A Band Apart.

Im surprised QT doesnt like Hawaii Five 0 actually with him being a big fan of 60s/70s TV shows. I liked that show alot myself. But Im not really interested in seeing a film version of it.

So is QT writing IB, what the hell is he up to right now. . .I wonder. . .


No hes def doing Bastards next. Theres no way hes going to do another project before it.

Hollywood really is a shit factory. Its like one turd after another these days. They glob onto anything that spells $$.

spending 6 bucks on transformers was a good investment though… :wink: as much as I hate to admit it (megan fox, hint hint)