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Nine Inch Nails

I feel so self-important starting two topics in one day.

But Trent Reznor is a genius at songwriting and delievery of emotional music.

Pretty Hate Machine has this darkness about it, it’s aura or something. And it’s accessible as fuck being on the borderline of synth pop then industrial and Trent found his sound really quickly and has stuck to it up until even now.

Broken was the album of my life when I used to dominate this forum, the music was raw and angry, like me.

TDS is a masterpiece but it’s the least listened too NIN album I own, I don’t know why. But the sound is so varied throughout the album.

The Fragile would have to be my favorite, the emotions expressed in this album are great and sincere of Trent’s mentallity towards life and the world. Plus it’s longer then TDS and covers different genres of electronica.

And then after five years of reclusiveness, Trent made With Teeth, which seems to be his most personal album dealing with his substance issues and (implied) psychotic symptoms. The music is very basic of the rock genre but the lyrics are clear and deal with many personal issues, this is probably one of my favorite NIN albums.

Year Zero is good, but not as great as people are making it out to be, all the songs sound EXACTLY the same. the “bleeping” “blurping” electronics mixed with complex and subtle sounds to top it off. There’s some REALLY good songs on here but overall I think it’s kinda overrated. But Trent knows what he’s doing with the marketing for the album and this is only the beginning of the concept.

Most people write NIN off as an “industrial” band with that Closer song (which I can’t stand) and not much more then that. But really Trent’s been through the shit and he expresses it in his music so well even if the lyrics are simple and geared towards angsty teens.

REAL industrial is Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle and suchlike, NIN is leaning more towards the pop direction.

I love their music and especially love their videos! 8)

Have you seen the Broken movie? Sick, sick stuff there.