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[news] QT and Rodriguez at San Antonio art exhibition

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Rodriguez and a fellow painter brought Salma Hayek “on to the canvas” so to speak. Both directors attended the exhibition, which was the reason for the current halt in production at troublemaker STudios, where Rodriguez is currently filming his half of Grind House (see the other forum).

the article has a picture of QT and Rodriguez, as well as some quotes

asking Tom Savini if he was there and how it was he said (quote): “The exhibition was amazing just like Robert. There is so much talent in that guy it’s stupefying”

Robert definitely is one of those multi-talented dudes. Gotta give him props.

And going through a tough time right now

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yup :wink:

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Love the QT on Kimmel animated gif remix. Nice work.

Love the QT on Kimmel animated gif remix. Nice work.

I thought it was Conan. ???

Yeah it was Conan back when he was promoting Hostel and mainly talking about how freaking cool Iceland is. Strange but cool to see an animated gif I did turning up here in remix form. I have a bunch of other ones I edited differently with different pics that I can’t remember where I put.