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New True romance DVD.May 15th


not sure if there is gona be anything new on it but here it is.

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does anyone know anything about this?


I don’t think it will be better than the special edition.


might be the special edition, but finally in a standard case and therefore as cheap as the UK one. or it might be a barebones release


Whaaaaa?? Well…there has to be SOME reason they are re-releasing it.

Hopefully more QT material!


it is extremely cheap but i can see them releasing another barebones one when they already have one out the one that came out before the special edition.


its released and i think its just a bare bones unrated version.


whats unrated then?

just a question…do you guys get to see Bama’s tities in the US version?

if anybody has seen it, please tell if it’s worth buyin’…


you see her titties in the R rated version lol.


It will probably be as lame as the 15th anniversary Reservoir Dogs DVD released by Lionsgate. The Artisan DVD contains a lot more content and for a cheaper price.


yea but when it first came out you got that cool case with it.


would you guys buy a DVD for the its CASE???


yes because i collect movies.


would you guys buy a DVD for the its CASE???

Most definitely.


wow you kill me outta here!

damn, I’d buy a dvd for the extra features, but for a piece of plastic/metal/paper…

if it’s for the pleasure of owning a fine piece of artwork related to a movie you love, blablabla, I’d rather get a framed poster a an action-figure!


Amazon doesn’t list this. who knows what the hell that is. I SUSPECT it’s the same 2disc edition but in a standard cheap case…


Yea, it sure is an odd situation. Maybe this dvd will be worth money some day, who knows ill never buy it.