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New rumour or true? Pulp Fiction Sequel

I have not posted here in forever, but found this and was wondering if this is made up or not.

It sounds insane, they are going to film it entirely on Green Screen? and it will be completed in 6 months? it takes place before during and after? Is Quentin just insane or is their truth to this. it all sounds a little funny to me, even though I know he has talked of this for years. Any comments? Thanks and how in the hell could they replace Samuel L. I’m afraid this sounds like a really bad bad idea.

What’s today’s date?

April´s fool?

bullshit :wink: check the date :-*

It’s an April Fools Day thing.

ha ha I’m an idiot. Thanks for pointing that out. I was very worried for while. It all sounded too bizarre but you know Quentin he sometimes has an alternate version of reality going on. I could not imagine the cast signing on to it, becasue it would be so desperate. Well jokes on me!

Besides the green screen and the Laurence Fishburne casting, I got really excited about the before, during, and after thing. Then I remembered the date.

Funny, though. ;D

Hahaha that is pretty funny. Pulp Fiction 2. Hahaha

Man…was I excited :frowning: Now I’m dissapointed.

[quote]Jackson will be busy filming Bob Saget’s Farce of the Penguins, which was announced earlier this week.[/quote]


Riddled with clues.

thats wrong


Stop bringing up the same shit over and over!Im sick of it

Stop bringing up the same shit over and over!Im sick of it

For Real. What the fuck guys…

This shit is so fucking annoying. No wonder Seb is going to delete threads soon.

HBO is coming out with a series called"Tales from the Pulp". Its not a sequel but an anthology series of crime stories. There will be connections to the pulp universe and perhaps a few other movies will be tied in as well. Oh yeah, you wish! Sucka duck!