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Need you Tarantino's fan help

Hi guys, I’m making university project about Tarantino and his cult movies. Could you help me to choose basic “Tarantino’s” colors (I was thinking about red, yellow, black and white) and which references would be nice to see? like ‘‘Royale with cheese’’ or ‘‘don’t be a rectangle’’ from Pulp Fiction or Hattori Hanzo’s sword from Kill Bill. What should i add, to make the best? Thanks for your answer

Don’t be a square would be the correct reference.

As far as colors go RGB is his constant go to. It’s power and presentation allure is the most dynamic for film.

Hard hey lights is another form that QT and R Richardson have mastered. Blowing out the table in front of the actors, to give a bounce lighting effect that is mastery in the making.

You could also talk about the use of b and w through and around colored spaces for his visuals.