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Need help on copyright and info

I’m a student in college and I’m in the process of adapting Reservoir Dogs for the stage.  What I need to know is who should I write to get the copyright stuff?  Like what studio and everything…also any commentary would be appreciated on things to shoot for, etc.  Thanks a lot.


Contact Miramax and A Band Apart for copywrite info. You may have problems getting both because more than likely the images are owned by Miramax and the dialouge is owned by Band Apart.

Good luck. You’ll need it!

By the way what college? In case you acctually do get to do it I would love to see it ;D

When I watched it for the first time I thought it would be fun and not difficult to put it on stage. So kudos to you for trying. :wink:

there are Reservoir Dogs stage plays all over the world, I doubt that they all had permission from Artisan…