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Need answer quick!

Hey im writting a paper on Reservoir Dogs, and there is something i am debating over. The scene where Mr Orange, Mr Pink, Eddie and Mr White are all in the car together talking about black women and whatever, Eddie says “Im gonna have to agree with PINK on this one.” But the scene after that one is where they all get their names, the name Mr Pink. So Im wondering if the scene where they all got their names takes place BEFORE the car scene? It would make sense if it did, but its hard to decide…

Anyone know?!?

I don’t think it took place before that scene. Maybe Eddie already knew their names.

That wouldnt make sense, because Mr Pink kind of acknowledges it. Then earlier Mr Orange is talking to his cop friend (I assume hes a cop too) and tells him that his name is Mr Orange. So the meeting where they got their names had to take place before anything where their names are mentioned.

Abra cadabra! 8)

hope that this is of some use to you…

Thanks :slight_smile: I should have done a search, i just figured it wouldnt have come up.