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Navajo Joe

Does anyone have a dvd of this film? I really want to get it, but don’t know if the quality is good. Here’s a link to the only dvd that i can find <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 206&sr=8-2”></LINK_TEXT> does any one have it, and if they do, what is the quality like? Thanks

I wanna see this bad.

yea me too im probably gona pick that up soon.

so does anyone know the quality of the video?

Still can’t believe this hasn’t been released in R1 yet. MGM owns the rights and it stars Burt frickin’ Reynolds, for god’s sake!

Our resident, Sylvia, does own a DVD copy of it and posted the climax of the movie on youtube (Don’t click if you want to be spoiled)

All I’ve got is the TCM-taped version on VHS. And for all you VHS lovers out there, the VHS version actually has a slightly better opening than the widescreen,TCM version I have. And it’s all got to do with Morricone’s music. In the fullscreen VHS version, there’s more additional chants and roars before the title screen appears. Believe me, it’s much cooler when/if you see it.

im probably gona get the vhs on ebay.

I know this is old, but it’s out on DVD now

more info at

I’ve had this one on my netflix list for awhile but for some reason or another never put it at the top. I assume it’s pretty good though?

yes it is very good. action/revenge movie set in the old West.