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Natural Born Killers. Love?

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Natural Born Killers is what got me into loving movies so much, and it’s what got me to want to go to film school and be a director.

You have to fuckin love that movie, Mickey and Mallory have the purest sort of love you can ever imagine and it comes through so well on film.

Wish I had a Mickey

I’m sure millions of people out there wish they had a realationship like that…or is it just me?

well, i’ll volunteer :-*ÂÂ

The link doesnt work for me

Me neither

that is not a link

Uhh… whats with the http://?..then

I dont have to love this film its not a bad film but I consider it to be the one of the worst films Tarantino has been involved in thus far and he has virtually disowned the film.

Oh fuck that, NBK kicks ass. Come on! Goddamnit.

I accidently clicked the link icon, thats why it looks like a link. It’s not a link. Sorry.

Oh fuck that, NBK kicks ass. Come on! Goddamnit.

Im sure you can come up with a better argument then that? ;D

actually if you can give me a good reason to reexamine the film I might see it another way… ???

This is more Oliver Stone at his best, dont really credit it as a QT movie cos they fucked around with the screenplay too much. Even disowned it! but still the movie is great it deals with the medias interpretation of violence perfectly, ironically causing more controvesy for this exact reason than any other film in the 1990s. I think it received way too much bad press though its controvesy had kinda been turned into mythology, somewhat similar to Clockwork Orange.

i thought the movie was ok it wasent nuttin special definatly the worst tarantino movie tarantino was involved in (not includeing producing or executive producing) though.

I love it. I liked it long before I even knew QT had anything to do with it. I just like the style of the whole movie. It has some great shots and the soundtrack is really snazzy too.

I’m still biased.

the films unique, stone had his vision and tarantino had his thats why quentin didnt like it. im not sure about all the stock footage the film had, it actually reminded of fear and loathing a bit even though NBK came out first, like people have said this goes well with stones films