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Natural Born Killers - complete OST in order

1) Waiting for the miracle - Leonard Cohen

  • Mickey and Mallory in the coffee shop (First music heard)
  • M & M in the motel room

    2) The Way I Walk - Robert Gordon
  • Mallory dances in front of the jukebox; Sonny and Earl enter the dining room

    3) Shitlist - L7
  • Mallory fights Sonny
  • Mickey and Gale’s troupe are running through the chaotic corridors of the prison.

    4) Madame Butterfly (?)
  • Mickey throws the knife to the trucker outside

    5) Moon over Greene County - Dan Zanes
  • This song is played right after Mickey shoots Mabel through the kettle

  1. La Vie en Rose - Victor Young and His Singing Strings[/b]
  • Right before the intro, when Mickey and Mallory start dancing in the dining room.

    7) Steven Jesse Bernstein - Me and Her Outside
  • This song is the first one heard in the Intro, when the screen displays "Natural Born Killersâ€?.

    8 ) Leader of the Pack - Shangri-las
  • The second song heard in the intro

    9) Rock & Roll Nigger - Patti Smith
  • Third song heard in the intro.
  • Mickey discovers that the pharmacist had activated the alarm.

  1. Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies[/b]
  • Before the “I love Mallory” episode
  • Mickey writes a letter to Mallory in his cell.
  • M & M start kissing after a year had passed.

    11) You Belong to Me - Bob Dylan
  • Mallory visits Mickey in the prison

    12) The Trembler - Duane Eddy
  • This is heard during the escape of Mickey, when the tornado arrives.

    13) Wozzeck - Written by Alban Berg
  • Mickey burns Mallory’s mom

    14) Shazam! - Duane Eddy
  • Right after killing their parents, when Mallory says “you’re free Kevinâ€?, and then there’s a scene in which M & M talk in their car.

    15) If You Were the Woman and I Was the Man - Cowboy Junkies
  • M & M’s wedding

  1. BB Tone - Brian Berdan[/b]
  • Wayne Gale’s American Maniacs show, episode dedicated to M & M

  1. Kipenda Roho - Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila[/b]
  • Wayne Gale’s American Maniacs show all the fans from around the world that praise M & M.

  1. Back in Baby’s Arms - Patsy Cline[/b]
  • Heard in another car scene, when Mallory asks Mickey if he thinks she’s still sexy.

    19) Taboo - Peter Gabriel & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Mallory is in her car driving through the city.
  • Heard during the shooting in the corridors of the prison, when Gale’s crew is killed. The music fades off when Owen appears.

    20) Ted Just Admit It - Jane’s Addiction

    21) I Put a Spell on You - Diamanda Galas
  • Played in the gas station, when Mallory makes out with the attendant.

    22) History (Repeats Itself) - A.O.S.
  • Heard right after Scagnetti says “Mallory Knox, meet Jack Scagnettiâ€?, when M & M are being chased by a cop.

    23) Something I Can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails
  • This song is heard when they run out of gas, and they have a fight.
  • We hear this after M & M kill Gale.

    24) I Will Take You Home - Russell Means
  • Mickey’s nightmare

  1. Drums A-go-go - the Hollywood Persuaders[/b]
  • Played during the car scene after they’re bitten by snakes

    26) Barry Adamson – On the Wrong Side of Relaxation
  • Scagnetti is talking with the prostitute.

    27) Barry Adamson – Under Wraps
  • Scagnetti is choking the prostitute

    28) Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel
  • This music is played in the Drug Zone.

    29) Brent Lewis – Reed my Lips
  • When the pharmacist is watching American Maniacs, there’s a part in the program in which Gale says that Mallory killed his mom and dad.

    30) Carlos Nakai & Peter Kater – Earth
  • Mickey runs out of the Drug Zone and for a moment we see the Indian the he had killed.

    31) Carl Orff – Carmina Burana
  • Mickey shoots towards the cops, and when he’s later on arrested.

    32) These Boots Are Made for Walking - Juliette Lewis (Nancy Sinatra)
  • Mallory sings this song to Scagnetti

  1. Checkpoint Charlie - Barry Adamson[/b]
  • The first piece of music heard after “One Year Laterâ€? is displayed.

    34) The Violation of Expectation - Barry Adamson
  • Scagnetti tells the story about his mother being killed.

    35) Ghost Town - The Specials
  • We hear this song when McClusky says to Scagnetti “we got an army of shrinks in here that talk about schizophrenia, multiphrenia………â€?. The song fades off when they enter the dining room.

  1. The Day the Niggaz Took Over - Dr. Dre[/b]
  • This song starts right after an inmate attacks another inmate and when McClusky and his guards separate them.

    37) Fall of the rebel angels (aka The Hay Wain) - Sergio Cervetti
  • Scagnetti and McClusky enter the hall of Mallory’s cell
  • Mickey is being taken to the interrogation room.
  • Heard when Mickey explains his dream, and when he says “A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayersâ€?
  • Once again, we hear this music when M & M enter the green room, were they plan their escape.
  • This song is also the background music for the menu of the NBK DVD

    38) Born Bad - Juliette Lewis
  • Mallory sings this song in her cell

  1. The In Crowd - The Ramsey Lewis Trio[/b]
  • This is heard right after Mickey says “I say go for itâ€?, when Gale and McClusky are walking by the prison.

    40) Brent Lewis - Doom Tac A Doom
  • Heard when “Super Bowl Sundayâ€? is displayed.

41) In Doubt - Peter Gabriel

  • Mickey’s shaving his head, right before his interrogation.

    42) Barry Adamson – On the Wrong Side of Relaxation
  • Heard in the interview when Mickey says “I think everybody got something in their past, some sin, some awful secret thing…â€?

    43) Judgment Day - Diamanda Galas
  • Scagnetti enters Mallory’s cell, it fades off the moment that he closes the door, leaving her and himself alone.

    44) Cyclops - Marilyn Manson
  • Heard when an inmate shouts “Alright Mickey!â€? and the riot begins.

    45) Forkboy - Lard
  • This song is heard when McClusky and Gale are shouting to each other, and when there’s the second riot scene, and some inmates throw a guard into a washing machine. (uncut version)

  1. Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy)[/b]
  • Mickey’s joke

    47) Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine
  • Mickey starts shooting the guards in the interrogation room.

    48) Take the Power Back - Rage Against the Machine
  • Mickey gets control of the situation, and starts telling everyone to follow him like “one big happy familyâ€?, and to take him to Mallory’s cell.

    49) Spore – Fun
  • Mallory attacks Scagnetti. It ends when Scagnetti shouts “I told you I liked youâ€? and the scene passes to a TV program.

    50) A Night on Bare Mountain - Written by Modest Mussorgsky
  • Heard during the “Watch Special Reportâ€?

  1. A Warm Place - Nine Inch Nails[/b]
  • Mickey and Scagnetti end up in a “Mexican standoffâ€?.

  1. Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Qawwal and Party[/b]

    53) Judgement Day – Diamanda Galas
  • Most shocking riot scene, it’s the Middle East music heard after Scagnetti is shot, when McClusky is looking at the surveillance cameras.

  1. Not Drowning, Waving – Overlay[/b]
  • This is the soft music heard when M & M in desperation are planning what to do.

    55) Spread Eagle Beagle - Melvins
  • This are the drums heard when M & M start walking down the stairs and Gale shouts “My name is Wayne Gale…â€?

    56) Anthem - Leonard Cohen
  • Heard when M & M are actually escaping, and when McClusky looks behind him and sees hundreds of furious inmates running towards him.

    57) Nine Inch Nails – Burn

    [b]- Heard after the “zapping� between channels, when an extended sequence of images of “Demonology� appears.

  1. The future - Leonard Cohen[/b]
  • Music heard during the credits.

I don’t find this musics, anybody has?

Spore – Fun

Not Drowning, Waving – Overlay

Brent Lewis – Reed my Lips

Steven Jesse Bernstein - Me and Her Outside

I miss these tracks too :frowning:

Trent Reznor did a brilliant job with this OST.

wow, great job Sylvia darling

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i put it into the wiki