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Naked Avengers aka Lethal Angels (2006)

Naked Avengers by Wong Jing. Ha, I don’t need to do my usual research and introduce you

to the film this time because everybody’s already ignoring this text and looking at the pics.

pics from:

So, Naked Avenger and Wong Jing. You know what to expect. End of story. Exept that this may not be a Wong Jing film after all. And it’s not called Naked Avenger… anymore. Okay, maybe a year ago there was talk about a Wong Jing directed movie called Naked Avengers (Chi Luo Di Ren). People waited and nothing happened. Apparenty it was never released theatrically in HK. A few days ago dvd release for Steve Cheng Wai Man film Lethal Angels (Chi Luo Di Ren) was announced. It however appears to be a re-titled version of Naked Avenger. Why is Steve Cheng listed as the director and why is there no mention of Wong Jing who was supposed to be not only the director but also the producer and the writer?

My guess is that Wong Jing is the producer but they forgot to mention his name everywhere, possibly because many websites still think these as two different films. Him being the director was probably a misunderstanding.

Also, keep in mind that this is not a Cat III film. And one more thing; the films got a third name too, Devil Angel. Bah, it ait easy keeping track of Wong Jing productions.

Finally its listed for DVD release: 11th May 2007.

Ordered it rite now.

Some appetizer:

Those pics make it look like Charlies Angels go Hong Kong… yikes

… I know the pics I posted make it look like Naked Weapon 2 but surely that’s a better thing…

bah, why can’t they just go old school and do ‘Blue to Kill’ or something ;D

I wish, it were Naked Weapon 2.

But nah, it’s a cheap Naked Killer ripoff, but w/o the action and the sex. Go figure.

You wouldn’t imagine that it’s really THAT hard, producing a satisfying attempt at girls-with-guns genre, that is. A couple of lesbian hitwomen in the lead, solid action (one big shootout, plus a little bit of bubble-gum kung-fu in between), one (necessary) rape-scene, two (unneccessary) sex-scenes, Simon Yam as lecherous over-the-top villain . . . why don’t we go and make our own movie? :smiley:

Ah, and we so need a Chingmy Yau cameo.

Chingmy Yau’s a little bit old now, afaik. We could write a MILF part, though.

Btw, the thai “Charlies Angels” version Chai-Lai Angels is said to be shit too: “Painful and pointless, the meager offering of eye-candy moments for male action fans aren’t worth the effort it would take to view this awful movie.”

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Well, it looks good to me ;D:

Chai-Lai Angels

Saw it on big screen last year. It’s indeed like the US Chalies Angels movie (the first one, second one I haven’t and won’t see). The girls are of course less appalling and there’s a couple of crazy action scenes that made me with this was a late 80’s / yearly 90’s HK film with Michelle Yeoh. But the rest of action scenes aren’t that special. The first 30 minutes is downright awful, and the soundtrack was getting on my nerves… but I still found plenty to enjoy. I think I gave it 2,5/5, although closer to 2 than 3.