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My script review

ok i wrote it. its not as spectacular as expected, but that’s because i was too excited to do more research and all and hey, just tell me what you think about it.

its online, the direct link is

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … review.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

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Excellent review, Seb - I liked how you unfolded the course of the story bit by bit: I have a much better idea of how Quentin will tell his Kill Bill-epic now. Well, it could’ve been longer of course, but that’s hardly significant 'cause a 50 page review would be too short as far as I’m concerned :wink: Good job ! :slight_smile:

Seb that review kicked much ass! Thanks for writing it dude.

I was just thinking about Kill Bill. The dialogue specifically. I think I might have come up with a reason why its different then previous QT films.

Kill Bill takes place in the Movie Movie Universe remember? Not the Realer than Real World like Dogs, Pulp, etc. So, maybe in Kill Bill, QT uses Movie Movie dialogue just like he has Movie Movie characters, ya dig? So he kind of has two separate writing styles now. One for his Real World films and one for his Movie Movie films. Plus the Movie Movie Universe is made up of people QT doesnt know, these are all characters hes made up purely from watching other exploitation films. Vincent Vega and Jules are more like real people that everyone knows as far as their personalities and history go. But Pai Mei and Hattori Hanzo are not regular people. Get it?

I’m gonna go read Seb’s review right now but doesn’t Bonnie’s appearance in the Kill Bill mess up that Universe theory. Or could she jump in between the PF and KB with minimal resistance.

It would be hilarious if QT wrote a movie about one character finding him or herself in the wrong Universe and what they would do to get back.

They’d have to find the Wolf cause he knows how to jump universes.

Seb, just read your review. I liked it. It got me all excited about Kill Bill again.

You should do a chapter by chapter review. I bet everyone that’s ever written a review of Kill Bill, they must feel like there is still so much to be said.

After the script becomes public, I think all of us should write an analysis of the script, just so we can start this Kill Bill fan base with ourselves being the leading authorities on Kill Bill other then the ones involved with the production.

Roger Ebert once said that Pulp Fiction was the only work of drama to have been dissected more times then Hamlet. Well I wonder what he’ll say about Kill Bill. You can write a bible about this script and still not cover it completely. God, I wish I had this script back in high school to do research papers on, it would’ve been so much fun.

I should be emailing Sebastian the chapter 4 review sometime tomorrow.

I just read Seb’s review and it was one of the best so far. It really got me excited about Kill Bill and the script itself which i should be getting in 3-5 weeks now.

Once we all have it i agree with mIke we should make a thread for all those who read it and we shuold sit down and analyise.


bonnie messing up the theory? no. the chapter is cut out, they said…

yeah that would be a funny movie to be made by fans.



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i got it jules, all i’m doin is contemplating the "if"s.


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what would have you done diffently than me, in my review. i know its not perfect…

wow, are cool, they featured my article in the news right after i wrote it :wink: fast dudes…

Overall I really liked your review, it’s one of my favorites, but what I would’ve liked was a more detailed look on a few chapters we haven’t heard much about - in every review there’s stuff about the House of Blue Leaves, but almost nothing on The Comatose Bride or Can She Bake A Cherry Pie… - I’d like to find out more about those. Plus, like I said to Spongebob too, a closer look at the supporting characters. But all in all, I liked the way you handled it :slight_smile:

i’ll write a second one soon.

by the way: retyping state is page 170 (Budd selling the Bride’s hanzo sword)

That’s great man - I’ve been excited about Kill Bill for some time now, but with all those new reviews lately I’m getting more and more hyped up on this one. Can’t wait ! 8)

The Comatose Bride

The Lonely Grave of Paula Schaultz


Can She Bake a Cherry Pie

these chapters we know nothing about and also supporting characters like Sophie Fatale, Alburt, Mr. Barrel etc.

WE NEED TO KNOW MORE!!! Like Tony said.

Overall, great great review and i hope we’ll have the script itself within a week.



IMHO all future reviews should be filled to the brim with spoilers. I think all of us hard core fans will read and enjoy it (it will give us stuff to talk about). And the not so hard core fans won’t bother with it.

Good review though.


[quote]BONNIE IS NOT IN THE FILM.[/quote]

Are you sure? Wasn’t that Bonnie who helped The Bride in the tree house?

-She was a nurse.

-She was black.

-She said that she does that kinda thing, assists people medically who can’t risk going to the hospital.

-And her name was Bonnie.

but thats in chapter 5, and chapter five is cut out! so bonnie is cut out too!!

That really sucks that they cut out chapter 5. I wonder why he did it?

SEB or MIKE: why DID he cut out chapter 5 do you think? Coz he didnt want any guns in the movie???

Sponge doesnt have the 222 draft so thats why he claims there is no Bonnie. I guess thats pretty clear by now. Uh…ok…ill shut up…now


You know on eBay, I remember some guy saying in the description that its the 202 page draft but still has Yuki’s Revenge. I thought that meant that every chapter maybe had like 2 pages trimmed from it but is it for sure, Yuki’s Revenge is cut out? FUCK. What a great chapter. I sure hope they film it anyway and include it on the dvd. That would be one hell of an easter egg.