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My movie idea / escoria

Okay, so, I’m not really sure where should I post this, but i have an idea for a movie and I thought it was pretty rad and thought I might as well share it with you and maybe you could tell me if I should expand it or just move on, I’m not really very sure its very good soo ok this is the plot…

So, the movie is set here in mexico, well there’s one of this taco stands, they sell “adobada” tacos for like hardly 25 american cents, it’s basically meat with lot of sausages, you can bet it’s not very good quality meat; so there’s this guy, called Martin who has such a stand, he sells very cheap tacos, but what people don’t know he’s also a cleaner for the Mafia, which means that when the mafia have murdered people, he comes, cleans everything up (picture PF’s wolf) BUT he takes all those dead bodies to his place, chops em up, prepares them and sells it to the people. Also, this guy is pretty tall, fat and has a very dark tan, h also has GOLD TEETH and uses heavy jewelry, he is not held in much regard by the bosses.

sorry let me continue with my idea, its not over yet…

So, one good day he grows tired of being just the lowest in the line of the mafia, so he tries to team up with othr characters to try to take over their bosses, let me introduce you to two of those people, an unnamed “pimp” and Domino…

So, there’s this guy that owns a burdel, sorry don’t know how to say it in english, its one of those places where you can get whores, kind of like a house, you know, but it’s a very cheap one and they’re not actually whores, they are sex slaves, he’s a human trafficker, this place is frequented by all kinds of twisted minds trying to satisfy their most sick and twisted desires, AMONG THEM A TOP MILITARY CHIEF, who is kind of a VIP there, so he’s friends with the owner, and the owner is friends with Martin, and with his mafia family, so Martin convinces him to use his contacts to get guns to fight the mafia.

Domino, he’s a real gone guy. I named him after Roy Orbison’s song, it’s a very nice song, if you download it you can pretty much know his personality, he’s just starting with the Mafia, but he is already working his way to the top, however, he senses that he has been backstabbed so he feels hurt, but he can’t just leave the business, so when he knows about Martin’s plan he gets on with it, what he doesn’t know was that the mafia tried to make him, you know a made man.

There’s also pretty much some other characters, but they are more secondary, so when they’ve got all they need they start with they plan, but things kind of get very awry and well, they blow it all off.

At the end of the movie, the last one the Mafia gets is Martin, so they torture him (off camera) and lets say they do “very nasty things to him”; at the end of the movie, Martin’s (know some other guy’s) tacos are shown and a costumer complains because he found a golden teeth in his meat. THE END

Should i go on or leave it as it is?

I just thought of this story like 15 min ago., walking home

Sounds like a Tales From The Crypt episode, not bad though.

I think it could make for an interesting movie. If you feel passionately about it you should definitely write it.

I agree dude. If you feel it like you must take it out DO IT!!!

Don’t waste time thinking if it would be a great idea or not, [like nike slogan] JUST DO IT!!!

There is a mexican movie, I don’t remember its name right now, but instead of tacos there’s this old lady who sells tamales made out of human flesh and they were delicious! I think it was made on the 80’s.

And one more thing: “Escoria” it’s a great title, dude!!!