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My Heart is That Eternal Rose (Heroic bloodshed)

My Heart is That Eternal Rose is one of the largely undiscovered Hong Kong gems, a true heroic bloodshed classic. Directed by Patrick Tam (After This Our Exile) this movie could be described as Wong Kar Wai in the world of John Woo. The crime drama sports an excellent screenplay, stylish action (although there’s only a few action scenes), beautiful music and visuals (cinematography by Christopher Doyle and David Chung) and an amazingly good performance by young Tony Leung (Chiu Wai). The rest of the main cast features Kenny Bee, Joey Wang and Gordon Liu.

ah, one important thing I forgot to mention (was too overwhelmed by the movie earlier). The new Mei Ah dvd features an encoding glitch that causes the image to freeze and skip a few seconds a few times. How serious the problem is depends on your dvd player. A couple of people have reported their disc played flawlessly, but most have encountered problems, including me. It was no obstacle to me though as I re-encoded the disc myself and all problems disappeared. You don’t have to change anything, just basic decrypt + re-author (in laymans terms: rip appart and put back together, don’t change anything). But those who have no idea what I’m talking about may want to wait for further pressings. Mei Ah has been told about the problem and assumably they’ll fix it soon. There has been no reply or announcement by the studio, though.

I’d post some caps from the movie but it’s middle of the night right now so later

here’s the screencaps (yes, I know it’s middle of the night again, lol)