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My Grindhouse Trailer "Hobo With a Shotgun"

He guys, its been forever since i last posted here, but i still pop in every once in a while to see

what you guys are up to. I figured id find some other people on here who might have made Grindhouse

Trailers, id love to see them.

Thought id share mine with you and see what you think.

Hope you guys dig.

Dude, many of us already saw it and we all agree…it is one fucking awesome trailer! Congrats man, you have talent. 8)

Yeah, its one of my favorites out of them all. Excellent job!! 8)

It definately looks great…

this is without a doubt my favorite of all the grindhouse trailers…its fucking amazing…i’ve sent it to everyone i know and posted about it on 3 or 4 other boards…

the general consensus is that you need to make it into a full length!

That’s so fanfuckingtastic, what program did you use to get the dirty effects?

yeah yours was one of the best

If I had the scratch I’d certainly fund a full feature.

For real, bro. When are you making the movie!!

I also liked Hobo With a Shotgun trailer the best.

Hey guys, man im stoked you guys are diggin the trailer! thanks so much for the wicked feedback

For a program to make it look old i just edited with final cut pro, found some film end clips on the internet, brought them into final cut, luma keyed out the black and threw them over my footage, then color corrected it and added some grain, and keeped going up and down with the contrast, if your interested in knowing more just hit me up on

Are any of you guys gonna be at the screenings in austin. I found out hobo made the finalist list which mean rodriguez will get to see it and it will play inbetween his screening of zombi and torso. Which is cool, hes gonna annouce the winners there. if any of you guys are gonna be down there, let me know, im gonna fly down and be apart of this grindhouse madness.

Thanks again guys, peace out

Best of luck Jason! Represent for all of us at the QT Archives!!! 8)

Really good. Does anyone know what other ones have been made?

Oh, damn! That was awesome. :laugh:

hehe that was fun. :smiley:

Congrats, cool stuff! A bit too long maybe, but really great.

I have to shoot exploitations too, HD really sucks (my computer definitly is the same opinion :wink: )

And…Hobo With A Shotgun won a well deserved first prize! Congrats Jason! :smiley:

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Magnificent! Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congrats. Well deserved.