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I would really like input on my new movie that I did for an english project, Titus Andronicus, or any of our movies. It’s at

Thanks alot!

I enjoyed it. The credits were frikin sweet. Sometimes its hard to hear whats being said though. Sounds like you’re just using the mic on the camera. But it didnt ruin it for me. The ping pong part was really, really, funny, the O’douls wass disgusting, and as usual the music was awesome. Another funny little flick from Justinproductions. Rock on MikeFare, rock on.

i saw that big guy in your films is a classic.

in your movies i can see that your all reall action actors, you like moviing around allot, but the problem is you need very good cameras to be placed at different parts of the room to make such scenes well. when i watch an action scene i like the action, but i also want to see the actors face well while he does it.

you also shouldnt go overboard with the cloathing, all of you have the natural apearance and the voices of actors, yall look and sound very good, i think you kind of ruind it ,by trieng to sound wierd and dress fvnny. dress ordinay-no caps and glasses unless necessary, put the camera close to your faces at one posision at a time. if you want to change angles, do it from another camera or close the scene and start a new scene-but you will drive the viewer crazy with the camera hoping all over the place., and talk about something normal, a detailed screenplay with good dialogue wont hurt-try and make the viewer learn something from the conversation, which would mean a little research(easy with internet). if you do that the quality of the film should be more less proffessional-but if you go jumping around the place faster and further than the camera can capture then you are overchallenging your camera and the quality will go down.

if you however put the camera at one position per scene, talk loud and cohearantly, then the scenes will be simple but proffecional. its better to do something simple acurate and well than complicated and mediocre. i have to re inforce you all look and sound like good actors and it will come out like wow with cohearant talking and simple coathing that is not disturbing. othrerwise it was the best film you made, the music brought memories.

I seriously think the costumes were cool, don’t worry about that.

I’ve seen like, all of your movies. They’re hilarious, and something enjoyable when I’m bored.

Just get a tripod. Also work on your camera angles, they are cool sometimes, but try to work on stabilizing it.

I also wanna know, who ahs the mansion where it’s all filmed at, it’s a tight house.

sound sound sound. Try recording onto an mp3 separately with a mic or using automatic dialogue replacement.

What happened t your site. I watched your films every now and then, but it look like the domain name no longer exists. Renew it, especially if you have made new ones!

We just put up the site again, with a couple of new movies.


*David Spade Gone Wild

*David Spade Gone Wild II: The Cancun Chronicles

*Richard Simmons Sexorcise Workout

*Dude, what happened to where’s my car: The Untold Stories?

*Lost Again In Translation: Lost In Hollyhood

who in the fuck are you? >:(