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My collection

My family gave me money for X-MAS. So, I went out and worked on my Rodriguez collection!

I bought:

1.The Faculty

2.El Marachi

3.Once Upon A Time In Mexico

4.The Faculty

5.From Dusk 'till Dawn 1,2,3

6.Spy Kids 2,3

I already had Sin City and Desperado. I thought this is a sorry collection. >:( :frowning:

I’m trying to find Spy Kids 1, Sharkboy and Lavagirl, Planet Terror Soundtrack, and the Chingon record, “Mexican Spaghetti Western.” I going out tommorrow, wish me luck!!

You listed the faculty twice.

You should try and find Roadracers on dvd, I have it on video taped of the Tele. It’s great, funny as hell, nice little homage to the 50’s.

Yeah, sorry about the faculty thing. Wasn’t paying attention. Robert said on the planet terror commentary that roadracers isn’t out, but will be very soon. Probaly when the grindhouse boxset comes out. Oh, I did mange to find Sharkboy & Lavagirl and the Planet Terror soundtrack!! I have yet to find the 1st spy kids yet…

The PT soundtrack rocks!!! ;D

I finally found a New copy of Spy Kids!

I just got The Adverntures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D. Now I just need Road Racers. And I need to get Spy Kids and El Mariachi on DVD. VHS’s are such a pain in the arse now.

I got RR’s mexican trilogy for only £14 - pretty chuffed. Cool special features too.

Stupid question, but when you watch those DVDs are they in 3D? Do you have to wear 3D glasses?

Yeah, you do. It comes with glasses, and gives you a feature to set your Telly up for optimum 3D viewing. The best way to watch them though is on your computer. Pretty cool though, nonetheless.

It also has an option to watch the movie in 2D, so it looks normal.

I have a Robert Rodriguez hat. I stole it from him.

I have a Robert Rodriguez hat. I stole it from him.

Are you smoking weed by yourself again?

It might be oregano…hmmmmm.

Well, that’s just a shame.

Basically, I have every RR movie on at least VHS, if not DVD also… Except for Roadracers. I’d be sooo pissed off if I bought it on VHS, and then it comes out on DVD 3 weeks later. So that’s why I’m waiting for the DVD.

i have so far…

  1. reservoir dogs (2 disc edition)
  2. Pulp fiction (2 disc edition)
  3. Jackie Brown (2 disc edition)
  4. Kill bill vol 1
  5. Kill bill vol 2
  6. True romance (2 disc edition)
  7. el mariachi/desperado
  8. once upon a time in mexico
  9. sin city (recut 2 disc edition)
  10. from dusk till dawn 1/2/3

    waiting for xmas now to get the grindhouse 6 dvd japan import

    also just saw tonight. i mite get the rolling thunder production of sonatine and chungking express, they look good also the shaw bros dragon dynasty collection even though there not all “quentin tarantino presents” they look like a great purchase.