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Music video

Hey my friends and I made a Shiny Toy Guns music video, and are working on the first half of the music video but we filmed and edited the 2nd half.

This is what we have for the 2nd half of the music video, it might not make since due to it not being the whole video but we half the 2nd half and I want some early feedback on what people thought of it.

It doesn’t really made sense to watch only a part of a music video, especially the second half of it. The only thing I can do is give my opinion about the editing. Well I found it neat! Nice effects, the video has a very cool aspect.

It’s a funny coincidence that I’ve started to listen Shiny Toy Guns seriously yesterday, I love most of their tracks

Sweet thanks, yea i enjoy them also.

But I was mostly talking about the technical aspect of it, editing, filming, lighting, etc etc. That was the only thing I want input for.