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Music Video

Hey guys last year when I was looking at colleges the people at one of the college was having a video workshop in the first month of summer where you can come and observe and help work on things and work with college students and equipment. There was a workshop where you could help college grades and professors make a music video. They were making a music video for a local band that they know. It was really good experience cause I worked with a lot really good professional equipment and I learned how to use some of it and get that college feeling of being in film school. I just found the music video of the thing I helped on. I didn’t do much since I was kind of observing and getting use to it but I did shoot some stuff and did some audio and worked a little but with the editing but it was mostly just me getting experienced with all of the film school equipment and getting use to what it would be like at a film school. But heres the music video link below I looks pretty sweet like I remembered it.

Great video and i really like the song aswell :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing