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Music Video I made

Hey guys, my class were working on music videos and I just got done with mine. Its an A.F.I. song called spoken word and I just got finished with it, heres the link and tell me what you thought of it thanks.

Overall I liked the video. The long black pauses were a little annoying. I would try and edit something in there. When i was watching the video i think it was in your second minute you had another long pause with a black screen. When i was listening to the music during that pause the first thing that came to my mind were kids playing Ring Around the Rosie in the woods (black and white, slow motion). I dont know why that came to my mind. Maybe you take that and run with it, add something of your own during those pauses. Its just they seemed a little to long.

I agree with maphic the black parts kill the video, but I also

think you took the lyrics of the song a little bit too literaly.

Every image that appears on the screen is something the

singer has just said or is about to say. It makes the story that

the singer is trying to tell feel very redundant.