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Much of kill bill cast on Tech TV

as i was sitting here writing a post listening to the tv behind me, it was on chanel 354 (TechTV) i heard that on the show the screen savers next week much of the kill bill cast are going to be on there. if you hear this comercial on tv post up what info you hear.

I know quentin, uma, and the lucy will be there but i forgot the rest. also i have no fucking idea what day of the week they’r on.

I wish I got American TV

I have a japanese TV but I live in America…

so nobody knows anything?

BTW, for anyone with Adelphia, it’s channel 129. Does anyone know any shit?

I don’t think TechTv will actually have them ON the show. TechTV doesn’t hit a wide enough audience for it to make it matter.

I just think they meant they would be featuring clips or a story on Kill Bill. But I don’t have TechTV so I could be wrong.

No, they said they would have them on the show sometime this week. I guess you will have to watch it every day to see it. I think it’s on at 5 or 6 everywhere. But the Show the Screen Savers hits a bigger audience than you might think. It just recently had Tom Hanks and George Clooney.

I stand corrected then. I’m surprised to see that they have movie stars on there. I don’t receive TechTV in my area unfortunately.

Do you think you could transcribe what QT says, if it’s possible?