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Mr Pink (dead? arrested?...)

I’m very ??? about this stituation and i’m asking everyone out there.

I think Mr. Pink is the coolest mother fucker…

i’m just asking.

Because he was the only character that didn’t “realize” he was in a movie or didn’t behave like a movie character. All the others, while very well fleshed out, were always attempting to play it cool, and make catchy phrases (“You gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?”) as if the characters themselves were hamming it up for cameras that they didn’t even know were there.

Pink behaved completely opposite of everyone else in the film, and, as a result, walked away.

Because he was a clever motherfucker; and unlike the others used his mind rather than his heart in delicate situations. While everyone became hot-tempered in the final shootdown; he went to hide under the ramp.

he’s the only one that acted like a motherfuckin professional

My guess is because Quentin was originally going to play Mr. Pink.

Didn’t Pink get shot??

I mean once he leaves the room, while orange is about to confess to white, u can hear the cops telling Pink to gt down in the background-followed by what seems to be gun shots right before the cops barge into the warehouse…if u’ve got surround sound, crank it up and give it a go…

he gets caught by the cops who have the place surrounded

Yeah, He is ither killed or taken prisoner. But i could swear that if you turn up the volume you can hear gunshots and cops telling him to get down. Plus it takes the cops a while from when you hear them at first to finally come into the room, this makes me assume that they had to deal with Pink first than they entered the room

Pink’s alive. You can hear him yelling at the end if you turn up the volume.

not dead. gotta have someone to tell the story. QT is shakesperian whether he knows it or not and SK always has a main survivor who makes it through the gore to begin the story as the curtain closes.

Those gun shots folks hear sound more like car doors slamming.

During my weekly, and occasional daily viewings of Reservoir Dogs I’ve listened to the background noise, and maybe figured out why some folks think Mr. Pink got shot.

Apparently, to the generally uninformed public, a car door can closely match the sound of a firearm.  I don’t know how, but maybe some folks just don’t realize how loud guns are. ÂÂ

Especially not in Hollywood, where in just about every movie I’ve seen, there’s enough shooting going on to realistically deafen the participants of a firefight, but everyone can carry on a resonable degree of dialogue in an everyday tone of voice.

Mr.Pink did not die because you cant kill Steve Buscemi!

he’s gotta point ^

I could SWEAR he was dead.

Im sorry Starkey but you cant kill him. Even after he’s fed to the Wood Chipper in Fargo, he just gets up and asks for more. Or was that a dream?..

How about this. HE DIED. ok.

You don’t know he died. He might have just been taken by the cops.

Those were jokes by me. But that’s what i origionally said, he ither died or got taken away from the cops but he did’t get away.

actually he might have gotten away but i don’t think so.

There is always a survivor. Also, Mr. Pink never lost track of what his goal was - to get the diamonds.

[quote]Pink died okay they all died period.[/quote]

You’re fucking stupid to say that. Watch the movie and listen.

BTW on the MR. PINK DVD cover on the bottom it reads "It should be no surprise that he’s the only one to survive the ordeal, though he did not escape justice"

You are soooooooo wrong.