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Mr.Killer ( Kill Bill ) Fan Film Trailer

Synopsis : Jhamal was the killer who worked for the The Jackal association , The association used to earn money with stolen special diamonds , They stole them after that sold them . The Jhamal was on the special mission for stealing special diamond which is came from Israel. But the Association betrayed him and leave him alone ! Jhamal was setting up ! But the Association didnt managed the get diamond! Somebody got there and he saved the jhamal but Jhamal lost his left hand ! Two years after this event , Jhamal has returned for his revenge . He doesnt work for association anymore he works for himself !

Trailer :

Directed by : Bahadır Karasu

Musics by : Lukasz Polkowski

The subtitles were hard to read and the English was pretty bad, but the film as a whole is pretty well shot. I dug it. Since it’s just a trailer you might wanna get rid of all those logos at the beginning. You could probly get rid of that 15 seconds of black screen too.

What does it have to do with Kill Bill though?

15 seconds of black screen was a editing mistake man sorry :slight_smile: Also sorry for my english :slight_smile:

The Reason Of Why I am making kill bill fan film is because I love kill bill. I wrote a script about revenge story like kill bill but the whole story and the characters that acting on the film are totally different from kill bill.

Thanks for your comment.