Movies youd like to see tarantino make

Hey Sebastion, could you possibly turn the movies youd like to see Tarantino make thread into a board? Nobody is going to read through such a long thread. I would be more inclined to browse ideas if they were unique threads that could be discussed. Thanks Seb

So if 500 people have 500 ideas about what they’d dream Tarantino would make, we’d have 500 topics of folks with their own personal movie wishes.
If a post is added to a long thread, those who’ve read the previous things will be jumped to the latest, all the others can at any time just slide all the way to the latest, too. From the point of view of a newcomer, all posts are “created equal”…
However, as the forum has been through a rather long time of sleepiness I will move your post back, as we can use some new topics. But I’m really not all that happy with multiple threads about the same thing :slight_smile:

I see your point but… 500 people? Thats being a bit optomistic, don’t
you think? How many active users do you have, like 5? :stuck_out_tongue: I would argue
that such a board would encourage more people to come to your community! :slight_smile: