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Movies you should see before I murder you!

Ladies and germs, with enormous gusto, I present thee, with a list of films I have recently seen, and if I say they’re good - you bet your rotten ass they’re mother fucking good! So without further pussy juice, here is my list of awesome fucking movies, you will have to watch before I track your IP address and murder your asses silly!


  1. The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers[/b]

    This gem was directed by Mr. Lewis Milestone, it stars Van Heflin and Barbara Stanwyck. This was also Kirk Douglas’ debut film. And the ending, woah momma, it’s going to stay with you forever.

    2. Presenting Lily Mars

    Judy Garland in her sexiest role, I mean if i lived in 1943, i would have totally stalked Judy Garland. Anyways the musical sequences are amazing and the film also stars a hilarious Van Heflin.


    3. The Snake Pit

    Olivia de Havilland is amazing in this movie, it deals with her mental illness and road to recovery. Did you guys know that Olivia de Havilland and her estranged sister, Joan Fontaine are still alive!

    4. The Lady Eve

    A hilarious Preston Sturges picture about a sexy woman [Barbara Stanwyck] who seduces Henry Fonda, so that she can marry him for his money, but her plan goes astray when she falls in love with him. The result is HILARITY!

    MUwha wha wha wha!

    5. The Ox-Bow Incident

    A gorgeous film by William Wellman. Henry Fonda is the man, fools!

    6. My Darling Clementine

    John Ford’s western about the OK Corral shooting, which happens toward the end. See it or die, assholes!

    7. In Old Chicago

    If you like Roland Emmerich, then you need to be fucking strangled. Tyrone Power and Don muthafucking Ameche star in this classic disaster pic with Alice Faye. See it or get cummed in the mouth!

    That concludes my list you sons of fucking whores. If you don’t watch these movies I will bash your melon heads with my hammer dick! Peace out and don’t talk to terrorists!

    Fo shizzie!

I’ve seen maybe 3 or 4 of these movies. Great choices BTW. I’ll be on the look out for the one’s I haven’t seen.

How come you chose Lady Eve over Sullivan’s Travels? I’ve always liked Travels more, but they may have something to do with Veronica Lake.

I want to see My Darling Clementine.