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Movies in "Pulp Fiction style"

Has anyone seen a movie called Thursday, abour an ex drug dealer who now has a normal life and some guys from his past come and get him in trouble?

I think the director, whoever he is, wants to be Quentin Tarantino really badly. There are flashbacks, interesting pieces of dialogue and funky details like the cow printed objects all over the house.

I enjoyed the movie though… and I’d like to see more of them in that style. I love to think QT created a whole new concept in cinema (I think he did).

Anyone can mention other movies in that style?

yeah thursday really tried to be something special…didnt really work out though…lol

Skip Woods directed it, he also wrote Swordfish, other than that he’s a nobody

Skip Woods directed it, he also wrote Swordfish, other than that he’s a nobody

Swordfish was a worthless pile of crap (besides the soundtrack & Halle Berry’s tits).

I won’t watch it. I hate that someone’s trying to be someone else, in this case - Skip Woods or what was it. I like Tarantino and Hitchcock because they are themselves and original and stilish. I really think that only Tarantino can make Tarantino style films.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that Tarantino style movies can only be made by Tarantino himself.

I don’t like QT because he’s original… other directors might also be original and I don’t necessarily like their style. The reason why I like QT is coz he tells stories in a way that I really enjoy… he’s a hell of a cool guy, and absolutely bloody genious! So, if other guys can tell stories that way… hooray for them!

Of course, I’ll always think nobody’s better than Quentin, but that’s only coz I’m a bit of a freak and worship him. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the work of other people too.

Yeah, you’re right. Tarantino tells stories like nobody else. But that’s not the only thing why he’s so good. There are a lot of other things.

Like Guy Ritchie - he’s original, his jokes are cool, but still something makes me KNOW that Tarantino’s the best. Hmmm, I guess what… It’s so hard to know myself, really.

Doesn’t Guy Ritchie try to copy QT??

Nope. His style’s original. His movies are dismal and dark, and I like that. My favourite city is London and I like English stuff a lot.

Guy Ritchie is one of my favourite directors.

The reason I like Guy Ritchie’s films is because he makes them with a similar style to QT’s!

He has the witty dialogue. An excellent soundtrack. Stories inter-twining with each other. Stories told in a non-linear structure. (I think he also has a trunk shot). Larger than life characters. etc.

If you just watch Snatch alone, you will find many similarities between Snatch and QT’s films!!

I saw this really kickass movie on tv a few years ago called “Waiting for the Man”, about a couple of crooks just lounging around in a cabin in the middle of the desert waiting for a coke deal to go down. Ernie Reyes Jr. is in it, who played the pizza boy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, but it was made for HBO and it’s really hard to find a copy.

There were flashbacks, witty dialogues and funky details before QT as well you know

And there was also Martin Scorsese.

But you can kinda tell in a movie that came out right after PF if it rips off QT’s style directly or not.


Yes, but Ritchie make shis movies gloomy and somewhat depressing. Tarantino’s films are funny not only because dialogs and all that, the film itself looks funny and colourful. But Guy Ritchie will never use great actors in the best way, where they show all their talent, and he’ll never make characters so special and amusing (I can’t explain). He’ll never work so carefully to create character’s personality.

So you’re telling me Snatch isn’t funny??

Also, I think Guy Ritchie does copy QT because of all the things I allready mentioned not just because he has those things (e.g. witty dialogue) but because those things are very similar to how QT utilizes them.

Ahh, sometimes I fuck up my own thoughts and finally post some crap… I just wanted to find the great difference that exists between those two directors. Help me, really.

the only real difference between Guy Ritchie and QT for me is that Richie relies much more on the fast, MTV style editing; while QT relies on a more typical style of editing (i don’t mean linear/non-linear).

Guy Ritchie’s stuff is kinda similar when it comes to the script (witty dialouge, gangster themes, and usually a moral/ironic theme at the end) but the actual movies themselves dont look like or have the same abience as QT’s stuff. He plays very strongly on their urban english theme, they’'ve got a much faster pace (like what The Shepaerd said), and they tend to follow more of a ‘incompetents mixed up in dodgy dealings’ plot then QT’s ‘proffesional gangsters’ angle…I mean whens the last time you saw a guy get shot in the afro in a QT film ( that scenes brilliant; incidently I prefer Lock stock to Snatch, there both great though)

I tend to think of Guy Ritchie as the British Quentin Tarantino. There style, story telling etc etc is similar, but each dwell on their own national theme.