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Movie soundtracks

So what are the best and worst soundtracks we have ever encountered ?

for me personally the best has to be “Pulp fiction” and “American beauty” but the worst i have encountered is “more” soundtrack, although Pink Floyd play most of the music the songs i find it bland and draining ,

so whatya’ll think? :stuck_out_tongue:


I only know some I like :smiley:

Pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, jackie brown, Snatch!!! , Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, Donnie Darko, Kill bill vol. 1 and 2…

(Besides anything Tarantino-related)

Easy Rider

Dead Presidents Vol 1 & 2

Murder Was The Case

American Pimp

Return of the Living Dead

The Harder They Come

Boogie Nights Vol 1 & 2

Above The Rim

American Graffiti

La Bamba (LoL, God I used to play the hell out of this when I was little)

(Besides anything Tarantino-related)

Easy Rider

The Harder They Come

Boogie Nights

La Bamba



" Superfly " has some of the best songs In It. My favorite is Pusherman.

Also I love the music In " The Warriors "

Magnolia’s soundtrack as well as score is fantastic. Deadly Outlaw: Rekka’s soundtrack is kickass. Death Proof is probably my favorite Tarantino soundtrack.

Has to be Vertigo. One of Herrmann’s best. A Clockwork Orange is in there, too.

Easy Rider is def the best soundtrack, but not too far behind are The Departed, Casino and Goodfellas.

[quote=“Cerpin Taxt”]
Deadly Outlaw: Rekka’s soundtrack is kickass.

Word. Flower Travellin Band kicks my ass.

Word. Flower Travellin Band kicks my ass.

co-sign on that one…

other soundtracks i enjoy:

blade runner

in the mood for love


fallen angels


clockwork orange



the fountain

requiem for a dream

fight club


virgin suicides

lost in translation

broken flowers

fear & loathing in las vegas

Juno has a great soundtrack

Im a huge fan of 70’s music so Dazed And Confused is the big winner for me.

The Departed, Moulin Rouge and Step Up 2 8)

The Spaced and Shaun of the Dead soundtracks are pretty rad. I’ve heard that the Hot Fuzz soundtrack is good as well.

The only one I want right now is the Clerks II soundtrack. GAWD I’m lazy about ordering things.