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Movie References guide

okay can somebody compile a little list? would be cool

1. The Wild Bunch - Seth references the movie in the opening shot

2. Reservoir Dogs - Seth says the line “Okay ramblers, let’s get rambling”. The same line is used by Joe Cabot in reservoir Dogs.

3. Satanico Pandemonium - Salma Hayek’s character name is taken from a movie of the same name.

4. A’ Bout De Souffle - Richie’s last words (“That fucking bitch”) are identical to the last words the main character utters in the Godard film.

5. Pulp Fiction - Use of Big Kahuna burgers.

I’ll think of something more


This exchange also comes from THE WILD BUNCH

"What’s in Mexico?"


There’s a Wild Bunch-like showdown in the bar towards the end of the first fight after the vampires manifest themselves.

The Fuller family gets their surname from the director Samuel Fuller.

Salma’s name in the movie comes from the film SATANICO PANDEMONIUM, but her name was slightly altered to be SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM.

Scott is wearing a shirt for his indie rock band, Precint 13. Taken from JOHN CARPENTER’S ASSAULT ON PRECINT 13.

When I think of some more I’ll post them.

check the wiki and see what’s already there, also

But then I’d be cheating…

no, what i meant was, don’t post stuff that’s there already. after all, the purpose of this topic is to gather references, and then put them into the wiki, not the other way around. and since everybody with a forum account can edit the wiki, the perfect way would be if forum members would add stuff on their own actually

First post and hopefully not completely bullshit, but anybody recognised one of the characters in The Five Venoms is actually called ‘Brother Gecko’ at least in translation from Chinese? Don’t know if that showed up in the english dub, if so, there you go.

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that’s interesting… havent seen the five venoms, i have to admit :wink:

Cheers mate, well there’s better ones by Chang Cheh if you ask me but it has some guilty pleasure potential with its fighters walking up a wall and things like that.

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I just did on this one: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … nces_guide”></LINK_TEXT>

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I wanna touch this up a bit, and along with that extend the question if there’s anything we’re currently missing that could or should be added?