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Most overrated movies

[quote]Q and Bob are good friends, by the way.

i stick to my point, you know how much i love pulp, but if i’d been in the Academy Award Jury, i’d have voted for Forrest as well.[/quote]

If you had the choice to give QT a vote for Best Picture, you wouldnt?!!!

WTF ??!!!

Dude I just lost alot of respect for you. Why are you even running a site about QT if youd pick Zemeckis’ Forrest “stupid is as Stupid does” Gump over Pulp Fiction for Best Picture? Probably because there was some hot chicks and some war scenes in it, right?

And who fuckin cares if Q and Bob are good friends?!

of course i would now not vote for stupid, but back in 95, a movie like forrest gump woul’ve just blown my mind, you know…

dont be so narrow-fucking-minded

[quote]of course i would now not vote for stupid, but back in 95, a movie like forrest gump woul’ve just blown my mind, you know…

dont be so narrow-fucking-minded[/quote]

NARROW MINDED?!! Dude, YOUR the one whos running a QT website and then stating Forrest “I GOTTA GO PEE” Gump is a better film than Pulp Fiction!!



Dude, you just topped Pulp Tarantino’s “Kid Rock should do Glorious Bastards’ music” comment. “QTS biggest fan” picking Forrest Gump over Pulp Fiction… You gotta think about stuff before you just spout off comments like

you gotta do that.

pulp fiction is a fucking masterpiece and its my favorite fucking movie.

BUT forrest gump is a great piece of cinema and the ammount of directing (knowledge and technique - wise) in forrest gump is surely higher than in pulp. in pulp you dont have any extraordinary cinematography or something in that direction… you know? i am looking at this from a different side. what movie is the bigger effort, not which one is the better movie.

and if you dont get my point now, i dont know…

Forrest Gump is still the better film in terms of directing and movie-ish-ness… look at it… it’s a great film, that captures shitloads of content within a 2 hour span…  i love it

i am looking at this from a different side. what movie is the bigger effort, not which one is the better movie.

and if you dont get my point now, i dont know…[/quote]

Movie-ish-ness? LOL. Thats a good word.

I still think Pulp Fiction is a better film on all levels. Forrest Gumps message is “If your stupid enough, things will work out”. Pulp Fiction delivers an even bigger more important message and its the complete opposite of Gump. Its a lower budget crime film that QT turned into a blockbuster with his cinematic genius. That in itself elevates it to places Gump will never reach. I mean, you know this stuff, why do I even have to state this???

I dont care about the freakin cinematography and the tons of Special FX in Forrest Gump at all. They were cute and charming, but not enough to make it a better film than Pulp is. Again, I liked the movie, but theres NO WAY in hell I will say that its a better film than Pulp.

The reason QT is great is because he doesnt need to use CGI and all that shit to make a dynamic film, hes a true cinema auteur in the tradition of Orson Welles, Hitchcock, Sergio Leone and Howard Hawks among others.

As for Zemeckis, hes a good fantasy director, but I think even he knows QT has talents that can never be duplicated. Lets see Zemeckis make a smash for 8 million or even 18 million WITHOUT CGI. Sorry but It aint gonna happen.

3 words only for black hawk down: Jerry freaking Bruckheimer!

I can’t believe that Ridley Scott who I love too much made that MILITARY movie. I can’t understand also why some critics love this shit so much , for example Rogert Ebert said that is a masterpiece and the 2nd best film of the year! Did he actually see the Man who wasn’t there?<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 20103.html”></LINK_TEXT>


omg… went to see that in an art house before it became such a big deal… oh lord it was awful. you can just feel the pretentiousness oozing out of adrian brody (whom could double as my cousin, i swear to gawd they are twins). i have seen much better films concerning the holocaust-- this dosen’t even come close to my top 5. so completely overrated. and yes, CHICAGO too is a P.O.S. i so did not understand the hype. not one person i know liked that film even the slightest.

On the Forrest Gump debate:

The movie is awesome, you know **** stars and all, but it is no where friggin near Pulp Fiction. My fav QT film is probobly Res. Dogs, which Forrest Gump doesn’t touch that either. I’d even put Jackie Brown ahead of Forrest Gump. Yes Forrest Gump is a landmark film, but its four stars can’t touch the four star quality of any of Tarantino’s movies.

Black Hawk Down: Great film. ***1/2 out of ****

The Pianist: Eat my nuts. That film was awesome and beautiful. **** out of ****

Chicago: Another great film. Not worthy of best picture, which should’ve gone to GoNY or the Pianist, but a great movie. ***1/2 out of ****

The Green Mile: **** out of **** (Percy my pic for most hated villian of all time)

On Zemeckis:

His best film by far is Who Framed Rodger Rabbit ()

and I’d also put Romancing the Stone (
) above F.G.

[quote]On the Forrest Gump debate:

The Pianist: Eat my nuts. That film was awesome and beautiful. **** out of ****[/quote]

lol… no thank you, i just ate. to each his own, darlin’.

Do the Right Thing

Touch of Evil

[quote]Do the Right Thing

Touch of Evil[/quote]Do the right thing overrated??? This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen!!!Fucking and double fucking great movie!! Also Spike Lee’s last film 25th hour was FUCKING great! I’ve only seen Citizen Kane from Welles and I’m lloking forward to see more of his stuff(cos he was a genious, 50 years ahead of all), but I can’t find them. I agree about The Pianist, It’s a very overrated movie, personally I didn’t like it at all, I love Roman Polanski but I didn’t like it.It didn’t seemed a Polanski film at all!

Moulin Rouge - I’m not into musicals…and Nicole Kidman, hot as she may be, is one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood next to Julia Roberts.

8 Mile - so much was made out of Eminem’s debut as an actor, but as far as I can tell, he only played himself…but with brown hair this time instead of blonde…whoopty-fucking-doo

Star Wars Episode 1 - George Lucas’ big return to movie making…and it SUCKED.

Star Wars Episode 2 - not as much hype behind this one, but still far too much.

I’m not saying they aren’t great films, which both are. I’m saying that both are overrated.

The Pianist feels as much like a Polanski film as any other. A beautiful movie.

How, answer me, is Do the Right Thing one of the Greatest movies of all time?

  The entire Star Wars franchise.

  The entire Matrix franchise.

  The entire Star Trek franchise.

  I know I’m gonna get blasted for at least two of these (Star Trek and the Matrix, presumably), but I just don’t get the EXTREME attraction these films are getting/have gotten.  These are among the most overrated films in the history of cinema in my opinion.  Or maybe it’s because I’m not big on Sci-Fi…  I dunno.  Just my thoughts.  Later.


Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane, Rashomon, Psycho, Rear Window, Seven Samurai = all over rated crap.

Just kidding. :wink:

Back to the “Forrest Gump” debate; I just want to post this hilarious pic of QT and Gump I just found.

Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolate; you’ll never know what you’re gonna get”.

QT: “A bullet in the head is what you’re gonna get motherfucker!”


Seb, your contradicting yourself. U are saying Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece and your fav movie of all time…usually in one’s eye their fav movie is also the BEST movie of all time. Now, your saying Gump deserved the Oscar it won. Now how the hell does that make sense?

If you have a fav movie, and you love everything about it, and your fav director is doign it, and u love all his other movies, and u live in GErmany :wink: and there’s gonna be a movie about WWII by the director , and you run a motherfucking WEBSITE dedicated to the motherfucker who made the motherfucking best movie of all time…and you think Gump deserved the Oscar? Fuck you man, fuck you brother.

That makes NO SENSE. For once, I agree on what ToothPick was saying…(besides te CGG parts) but yeah, what the fuck is right?

First off, Gump is a good movie, but it’s HIGHLY unrealistic. A Retard running around through history and grabbing a chick’s boob? Fuck, his life is more exciting that my life so far. But come on, do they really let retards into the military and then make heroes outta 'em? Pulp Fiction was so much better, original, groundbreaking, and fun.

About the CG in Gump…who cares? Didn’t make the movie bad.

But yeah…Pulp is much more kick ass.

Sorry, but I really gotta get this off my chest, and I know that I’ll probably get kicked off this forum, but…


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a REALLY great movie but:

A: The rappers ruined it.

B: There are MUCH better movies out there (in my opinion).

C: Brian DePalma, has definatly made WAY better movies (not recently though).

D: It’s just EVERYWHERE! everystore I go into now, seems to have Scareface posters.

E: The FUCKING rappers ruined it!

F: I really don’t care for Oliver Stone that much, he’s made maybe 2-3 truly good movies.


I really agree. Scarface was good, but it’s not the fucking greatest movie everywhere. Plus, the Hip-Hop artists ruined it.

I think that every adam sandler movie is overrated, just cuz they all suck.