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Most fucked up person in one of Qt's movies

What do u think is the most fucked up people in QT’s movies?

Zed and Maynard because they tried to ass rape a big motherfucker like Marsellus and expecting to get away with it.

They didn’t try to ass rape Marcellus, they did.


I think the Flock of Seagulls is pretty fucked up ;D

Flock of seagulls …lol

I’d havta go with Bill. Shooting up folks in God’s house.

I have a list in order of how fucked up they are.



-Mr Blonde

-Elle Driver

-The Bride(in a good way)



What is Budd doing there? I didn’t know that he’d done anything yet (besides the whole Bride thing).

How is BUTCH fucked up? Butch is a fucking badass. He didn’t do anything fucked up though. :-/

And where the hell are Richie Gecko, Mickey & Mallory, Drexl?.. ???

actually, the most fucked up person is Marsellus…


Richie, Drexyl, and Buck from Kill Bill. That is all.


For me? How sweet…

Awesome name by the way.

For me it’s Virgil. That’s no way to treat a lady! :o

go-go was pretty fucked up uhh mr. Blonde is too zed and maynard mick and mallory, drexel, and quentins guy in from dusk till dawn


For me? How sweet…

Awesome name by the way.[/quote]

lol I just read that

I’d go with Richie Gecko. He was pretty fucked up and somewhat creepy at times.

I’d also go with Mr. Blonde.

Orange is kind of fucked up in a different way. He gets to be buddy-buddy with white, then completely screws him over. But at least he didn’t rape anybody.

Orange is not fucked up at all. He’s the most normal character in the movie besides "the black dude with the cool hat."

So what if he screwed white over, people do that all the time. He’s a cop, that was his job to screw him over. Freddy just did what he was told.

and he fucking died for it

that wood have to be definately zed and the other guy who try n rape marcellus…well not try but zed did have his go…come on out there tho who didnt laugh when they saw big marcellus getting fucked by a hilbilly!

everyone also forgot hunny bunny she is prettyt fucked!

I’d have to say Mickey, Mr. Blonde, and Richie.

Mr Blonde, Richie Gecko and Ordell. How could you guys all forget Ordell?