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I cant be the only one who has seen the bullet holes on the wall behind John and Sam before the guy comes out of the bathroom shooting away.

What do you guys make of all of this?


I think that QT noticed this mistake… I think that when they were editing it, they saw the bullet holes there, but thought, "Hey, the dialogue is at it’s best on this part, so I don’t care if you can see them or not."





Yeah there are holes in the wall before they get shot at.


Continuity: The sugar bowl on the table in the diner.

Crew or equipment visible: When Jules and Vincent are riding in the car, it is possible to see the reflection of their car in the backround, being towed on a trailer.

Continuity: Several errors showing differences in the two times we see Jules and Vincent retrieving the suitcase from the apartment, including: bullet holes in the walls, Jules’ speech, Jules’ gun.

Continuity: The amount of Brett’s burger that has been eaten as Jules picks it up.

Continuity: Vincent unzips a case to reveal an old-fashioned glass syringe, yet the extreme closeups of the syringe show it is made of plastic.

Continuity: The level of the milkshake in the diner.

Continuity: Mia’s cigarette in the diner.

Continuity: The red marker dot is gone from Mia Wallace’s chest when the needle goes in.

Continuity: When Butch and Fabienne are arguing about the forgotten watch, the coathangers in the background cast different shadows in different shots.

Continuity: The windows in Fabienne’s Honda alternate between clean and dirty, depending on whether the car is seen from the outside or inside.

Continuity: After Butch has killed Maynard with the sword we cut to Zed and see the sword pointing towards Zed. We then cut back to Butch who hasn’t pointed the sword towards Zed yet.

Continuity: Marcellus fires the shotgun and then ejects the shell. The sound of the shell hitting the floor indicates an unfired cartridge.

Continuity: The bloodstains on Butch’s shirt.

Continuity: When Jules shoots Brett, his gun becomes empty and the action retracts. When viewed again, the action does not retract.

Continuity: Amount of Marvin’s blood on Vincent’s shirt.

Audio/visual unsynchronised: When Winston Wolf rings the doorbell at Jimmy’s house.

Continuity: The hand that Jimmy holds the soap in.

Audio/visual unsynchronised: When Winston Wolf departs in his Acura, he takes a hard corner, but the sound indicates continuous acceleration in a straight line. While the acceleration is possible, it would sound different going around a corner.

Continuity: Jules’ moustache is considerably shorter when in the diner than when he was in Brett’s apartment.

Continuity: Pumpkin’s first line after pulling out the gun.

Continuity: Marvin was shot in the face, yet the front of his head can be seen in the trunk of the car. This is plausible; a bullet can make a clean hole entering the face (in this case, the forehead), but will make a much messier exit wound due to the tissue it drags behind it. However, The Wolf looks right at him and says he has no head.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Winston Wolf drives an Acura NSX, which is a two-seat sports car. After stating that he is taking Raquel to breakfast, he offers to give Jules and Vincent a ride home. But this was never a serious offer.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: While the actor, Bruce Willis, is way too old to have been an infant whose father served in the Vietnam War, his character, Butch, is only 26.

Continuity: The trophy Mia brings home is different from the one shown before the contest begins.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Young Butch’s grandfather went overseas to fight the Germans. He was then, apparently, transferred to the Pacific, which is how he ended up at Wake Island where he died.


Plot holes: When Capt. Koons is telling 5-year-old Butch about his father’s gold watch, he says his father hid the watch for 5 years, then when his father died of dysentery, he gave Koons the watch, which he hid for an additional 2 years before he was sent home. A total of seven years, since 5 year old Butch’s father was put in the P.O.W. camp. Maybe it wasn’t HIS father’s watch after all!

Continuity: The color of the cheese on the Big Kahuna Burger changes with the close-up.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Jules’ quote of Ezekiel 25:17 is not accurate. However, he’s not a priest/minister, and he’s more giving his interpretation of that verse than really quoting it.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: In the parking lot of Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Mia says, “Don’t be a …” Instead of forming the expected square with her hands, she draws a rectangle (its edges are animated). But Mia tries not to do what’s expected.

Continuity: When arriving home from Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Mia is wearing Vincent’s coat. She places her rolled cigarette in her mouth and is not wearing the coat, but when she lights up, she once again is wearing it.

Continuity: Winston Wolf opens the car door to inspect the cleaning job. However, when the camera looks inside (through the window), the door appears closed.

Continuity: Neither Jules or Vincent take the suitcase from Brett’s apartment when they leave, yet they have it later.

Continuity: The straw in Mia’s $5 milkshake changes from paper to plastic.

Continuity: The Wolf tells Joe at the towing yard that the car they’ll be bringing in is a '74 Chevy Nova, green. When we see the car a few shots later, it’s yellow. (We haven’t seen the exterior before, but he has.)

Continuity: In Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Mia’s lipstick alternates between very dark red and very pale pink.

Revealing mistakes: When Butch is in the cab after the fight, the car has cigarette smoke in it. The smoke can be seen slowly drifting out of the open windows clearly indicating that the car is not moving.

Factual errors: Stabbing such a thin and long needle into the sternum would most likely cause it to break no matter how sharp the point is.

Factual errors: Adrenaline would have no effect on a patient with life-threatening levels of heroin in his/her system.

Factual errors: The drug (e.g., Narcan) for a heroin overdose is normally injected intravenously, since an attempt to send it directly to the heart as shown would most likely leave it languishing in muscle tissue, where its absorption rate will be too slow to be effective.

Continuity: When the fourth man in Brett’s apartment fires at Jules and Vincent, the wheel on his revolver does not spin.

Continuity: When Vincent and Mia are in Jack Rabbit’s, the video wall behind them showing a street scene jumps (e.g., cars and people disappear) each time the shot switches from Vincent to Mia.

Continuity: Before the guy in the bathroom fires on Jules and Vincent, the bullet holes are already visible in the back wall behind them.

Crew or equipment visible: When Vincent enters Mia’s home for the first time, a camera and a camera operator are clearly visible in a reflection on the windows in front of them. They have a black blanket or tarp covering them to make them harder to see.

Continuity: When Fabienne starts talking about breakfast, she sits on the bed with her hand on her foot. When we see her from behind, her hand is at her head.

Continuity: When butch gets back in the car after going home to get his watch, the radio is playing. It was not playing when he left the car.

Continuity: In the final diner scene Jules refers to his pistol as “Mr. 9mm”. It is clearly a Colt .45 Automatic.

Crew or equipment visible: When Bonnie comes through the living room into the kitchen in The Bonnie Situation you can see the shadow of the cameraman following behind her.


You can see the full list of mistakes and continuity errors at my PF easter eggs page on my site:

Enjoy :slight_smile:


This isn’t really a screw up but when Butch is approaching his apartment, there is a news report on the radio, saying that there was a fight at Jack Rabbit Slim’s and that a man and a woman stole the trophy for the dance competition. I wonder who that could be?



The holes in the wall, it looked to me like there were two holes, distinctly visible over their shoulders, then more appear later. I was of the assumption that this was to show the crappiness of the apartment. Like a shelf or something had been ripped from the wall. They look bigger and well different from the holes shown later, the ones directly behind Jules and Vincent. Not like it matters, just my take on it.


[quote]  This isn’t really a screw up but when Butch is approaching his apartment, there is a news report on the radio, saying that there was a fight at Jack Rabbit Slim’s and that a man and a woman stole the trophy for the dance competition.  I wonder who that could be?[/quote]

I have watched this movie so many times, but I never heard that. When Butch walks to his house I do hear a radio but I really can’t hear the whole Jack Rabbit Slim trophy heist.

anywayz, I think that with a lot of those errors like the whole bullets in wall thing could be easily solved with digitally remastering/editing. you could just erase the holes right? or you could remove the crew when it is visible. or when Audio/visual unsynchronised you could fix that. This doesn’t just go for Pulp Fiction, this counts for a lot of movies, I mean cinema is so advanced these days, why do movies still have these little errors?

[quote]Incorrectly regarded as goofs: In the parking lot of Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Mia says, “Don’t be a …” Instead of forming the expected square with her hands, she draws a rectangle (its edges are animated). But Mia tries not to do what’s expected.[/quote]

I read this one a lot of times and I never really got it. isn’t the square just a rectangle because Mia is human and no human can make a perfectly symetrical square in mid-air? in addition, how can the crew precisely judge if it’s a good square? maybe the scene was good and although it isn’t a full square, we all know what she’s indicating.


- The Ezekiel 25,17 speech made by Jules, was originally written for Harvey Keitel’s character in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). But Tarantino, thinking that Dusk would never get made, started to cannibalize the script, which is why it appears in this film. In fact, only the first sentence of the “quote” is from the Bible, the rest is an invention

on toothpickvicvega’s page…

Not that I’m reading the bible, but I looked 25-17 up in it and its all there! BTW, your page is pretty fucking sweet!


Dont know if its an error or if somebody else mentioned it already, but when jules vincent and marvin are in the car, marvin sits sort of in the middle, but you only see him in the shots with vincent. When you see a shot of jules it looks like marvin isnt in the car…dont think jules his head is so big…


also, honey bunny has a different line at the beginning than she does at the end when she is screaming for everyone to get down. however, the trivia track pointed this out and said that it was intentionally done, like most of the mistakes that have to do with continuity