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Missing stuff?

I remember the forst time I watched Pulp there was something there that hasnt ever been there since. when vince and jules are being hosed down in the back jimmies yard, i remember seeing this weird colour stuff coming from the end of the hosepipe, like rainbow stuff or something. anyone else seen it? or was it that acid i dropped before i watched it? ???

I think you’re missing stuff from your head after doing acid.

Did all those drugs fuck up your ability to spell?


stop dropping acid partner…lol

damn druggies… that will really mess with your mind doing all that unnatural shit

[takes a hit off a joint]

No guys this has actually happened to me too and I’ve never taken drugs.Seriously. The first time I watched PF with my cousin me and him saw on the bandaid on Marsellus Wallace’s head( in the first scene with Butch) the number 666 printed on it. But I haven’t seen that since. Very wierd.

I saw the same thing also. I asked the pink Elephant sitting on my couch, and he told me I was just crazy.