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Milos Forman

this guy doesnt get mentioned to often on this forum, so I thought id give him a little recognition. Forman is an AWESOME director…in my top 10 for sure. i havent seen any of his older Europeon films, but I have seen a couple of his more famous films. I love biopics, and Milos is the fucking master at them. I was curious what everyone here thought of him…


Man on the Moon (1999)

People vs. Larry Flynt, The (1996)

Valmont (1989)

Amadeus (1984)

Ragtime (1981)

Hair (1979)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Visions of Eight (1973) (segment “The Decathlon”)ÂÂ

I Miss Sonia Henie (1971)

Taking Off (1971)

Horí, má panenko (1967)

… aka Firemen’s Ball, The (1968) (USA)ÂÂ

Dobre placená procházka (1966) (TV)

Lásky jedné plavovlásky (1965)

… aka Loves of a Blonde, The (1966) (USA)

Cerný Petr (1964)ÂÂ

… aka Black Peter (1971) (USA)

Kdyby ty muziky nebyly (1963)

… aka Why Do We Need All the Brass Bands? (1963) (USA)

Konkurs (1963)ÂÂ

… aka Competition (1968) (USA)

Laterna magika II (1960)

… aka Magic Lantern II

Jim Carrey gets on my last nerve, but I loved Man on the Moon.

Jim Carrey gets on my last nerve, but I loved Man on the Moon.

really? i think Jim Carry is brilliant in everything he does wether its Physical Comedy or Dramatic acting like in Spotless Mind.

Cuckoo’s nest and the people vs larry flynt are the best

I got to shoot pool with Milos, Treat Williams and Beverly De Angelo back in '79, when they were in Barstow shooting location for Hair. All nice people, but Treat can’t play for shit! But Beverly could drink. You can see my screen debut(my nose and chin) in the Chili Bowl scene in that film. Wonder if that bar is still there?