Micheal Madsen not in a good place

Just read this yesterday.

[quote]"After a nine-day booze binge in Britain, actor Michael Madsen was taken to a hospital and "held under the Common Law rules on mental health."

According to sources, Madsen was displaying out of control behavior at the Penventon Park Hotel in Cornwall, England where he was staying, including drinking two bottles of wine for breakfast and was later found unconscious at the entrance of the hotel.

A hospital worker says the "staff were shocked by the amount of booze he put away - it was like he was on a non-stop bender. He was mixing his drinks with pills, but no one knew what they were for. He angered some guests by urinating in the car park."

He’s even considered “a high-risk patient” and on “suicide watch.”

This just sucks. I wish the guy was in a better place in his life. He’s so talented, actor, poet. Recently, he went thru bankruptcy. And that was probably a real stressful thing.

I just hope he gets better soon and back to making movies.

Here’s a link discussing the so called Tarantino curse. What bullshit.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.hollywoodnews.com/2010/05/22 … ide-watch/”>http://www.hollywoodnews.com/2010/05/22/michael-madsen-of-tarantinos-reservoir-dogs-kill-bill-on-suicide-watch/</LINK_TEXT>

I feel so bad for him. I hope he gets things sorted out. Being in debt is super stressful, then add to that the media covering it and making him look like some fucking bum… I’d have probably lost it too. It is sad news indeed.

Oh my.

I hope he’ll get in shape. And that article was just bullshit.

[quote=“jonitapani”]Oh my.

I hope he’ll get in shape. And that article was just bullshit.[/quote]

I agree. I hate hearing about the so called ‘tarantino curse’. It’s such bullshit.

I hadn’t heard of this before now. I sure hope he has recovered. My wife and I admired his ability greatly. I bought her a tape of Thelma and Louise and she watched it so many times the tape wore out so I had to get her another one. By the way, I realize tapes are outdated nowadays but if you happen to like older movies it might be necessary. For what its worth - I got that second tape on Amazon for ninety nine cents. If you have an update on Mike Madsen I would appreciate hearing about it.