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Michael Mann!

nobody says anything about him when i love his movies



-Last of the Mohicans

-Colateral, or is it collateral

I heard he’s real good… and it’s Collateral (yes, I’m a spelling geek…)

I still have to go out and see some of them, they look pretty good

Collateral is definitley a great film it’s almost as re-watchable as PF. As far as his other films; people say that Heat is his best film, but I don’t think that he used either Pacino or DeNiro to their full potential, Ali wasn’t bad, but Will Smith just didn’t fit the part, I think that Terrence D. Howard would have made a much more convincing Muhammed Ali, Last of the Mohicans wasn’t my kind of movie, kinda like Dances w/ Wolves, Last Samurai, and The Mexican,and the popular show Kung-Fu.But if you like honkies pretending to Native Americans,Latinos,or Asian I guess you’ll like it.

people say that Heat is his best film, but I don’t think that he used either Pacino or DeNiro to their full potential


I disagree. Mann used them both very well. I think you missed what Mann was trying to do. Instead of having these two powerhouses yelling and shooting at each other the entire movie, Mann sets up their one meeting as a subtle conversation in a coffee shop. IMO this is a better use of De niro and Pacino because it worked better in the story that Mann was trying to tell. Their conversation really reflects their motivations in what they were doing and illustrates the similarities btwn Deniro and Pacino’s characters; even thought they are on opposite sides in the battle between cops and robbers. Throughout the rest of the movie, IMO, Pacino’s performance was top notch with his sudden bursts of craziness (“you get killed walking your doggy!”) and Robert’s was subtle and heart breaking.

By the way, HEAT is one of the most underrated flicks out there. thats a fact. Im definitely getting the 2 disc DVD as soon as I get some $

Good point. It’s just that I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it was just wierd seeing them in the same movie.

nobody mentioned Thief? The Insider?

two of his best IMO

Manhunter was GRRREAT too

I am also a great fan of Michael Mann. his movies are very intense, and very “big”. and i love the use of Music and compassion in The Last of the Mohicans. that’s a great movie.

also, how he shows the mood of the characters in Manhunter. and of course i love Heat, that movie has so much urban power…

i personally didn’t care for manhunter except for the Iron Butterfly song scene. but Collateral…my god what a great film. i worked at the theater when it played, we had for like month or two and i can’t tell you how many times i ran in there for my favorite scene or watched at least half of the movie. Collateral gave me reason to respect Cruise, Fox, and Mann.

odd bunch of names, eh?


Collateral was great until tom cruise jumped onto the back of the subway car. Why? Why did you do that? Why did you have to put such a ridiculous thing into an otherwise great movie?

Anyway, heat was awesome. I don’t know how anyone can say it’s not. The thing i love about it is that the action is great, the violence is great, but goddamn is there ever depth to the characters…when somebody dies, you actually feel really bad about it! And it’s just put together so well, I love the photography. Actually, that was one of my favourite things about collateral, when we’d have the shot from above with the taxi crusing down the road…beautiful.

Yup, Mann is one of my favorite directors.

I loved Heat and Collateral, for they are very realistic (not completely, but close) especially regarding the action. That’s just one thing I like about the movies, there’s more like the slightly blue mask in Heat or other atmospheric elements. Interesting themes will always get me into Mann-movies (e.g. not Miami Vice or Last of the Mohicans)

i think HEAT is just a little overrated, but it is a good film.

MICHAEL MANN lacks “intensity” in his films. But i like his films.


you think that heat lacks intesity?

Heat is one of my favorite movies. i love the way the movie is put togather. there is not a scene that should be added or taken away in it. has anyone noticed he likes gray suits with white shirts? kidda an anti tanantino thing

hmm the only one I see is Collateral and its a fuckin good movie.


deniro in heat, those are the only two though

i think HEAT is just a little overrated, but it is a good film.

MICHAEL MANN lacks “intensity” in his films. But i like his films.

“intensity”, the scene right after they robbed the bank in heat was one of the most intense scenes in a movie ive ever seen. You could put your TV on mute, watch that scene, and still hear the booming of the gunshots.

o yeah Theif and the insider were good ones too, not so sure about the Keep.

Just watched collateral on DVD.

actually I expected a bit more of it, i dunno. maybe quicker pace, more action, kinda like that. also the DVD sounded good but it was hard to understand people talking…

aside from that, well and I think the film is too short.

but aside from that, it’s a visual masterpiece. it really looks great. and Jamie Foxx ownZ this movie

nobody says anything about him when i love his movies



-Last of the Mohicans

-Colateral, or is it collateral
Wheres “The Insider” one of my favorite mann films.

I like Michael Mann, he’s one of my favorite directors.

Here’s my list…top five:

  1. Collateral
  2. Heat
  3. Thief
  4. The Insider
  5. Miami Vice

    Me twin loves Mann…more than QT. Insane.

Mann, DiCaprio team for drama

Film takes place on MGM lot in '30s


Michael Mann has delivered to studio execs what he hopes will be his next directing effort, a star vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Scripted by John Logan, the project is an untitled noir drama that takes place on the old MGM lot in the 1930s. DiCaprio is poised to play the kind of private detective studios once relied on to clean up the scandals created by its stars. He’s hired to investigate whether a starlet murdered her husband.

The script was delivered by CAA to studios late last week, and sources said that a deal was expected to happen quickly. New Line made a bid of around $100 million, said sources, which falls below a projected pricetag of around $120 million.

Sources said the script is strong and the film has a period feel reminiscent of “L.A. Confidential.” Studios were weighing that and DiCaprio’s heat against the large budget, but other bids were expected before a deal is closed.

Aside from a budget, the film has a February start date. It will shoot mostly on soundstages, and it works in classic figures like Judy Garland and Bugsy Siegel. The latter is the centerpiece of a shootout scene that unfolds in the Trocadero nightclub on Sunset Boulevard.

Mann, who’ll produce under his Forward Pass banner, has been quietly developing the script with Logan since September. DiCaprio has also been in the mix for several months. The trio last worked together on “The Aviator.” Mann produced that film, but originally developed it with Logan and DiCaprio with the expectation he would direct.

Not eager to direct another biopic after “The Insider” and “Ali,” Mann handed the script to Martin Scorsese so that the picture could go into production before several rival Hughes films that were being mobilized.

If a deal closes, DiCaprio would finally find himself before Mann’s camera lens, after years of attempts. Aside from “The Aviator,” they tried to team on a James Dean biopic and the fact-based drama “The Inside Man.”

source: 3/5/07

I’m interested already ;D