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Michael jackson


He’s ugly.

^ LOL.

I hated him all my life until about a year ago. Now I realize that he is actually very talented and has an incredible voice, and that thriller really is an incredibly album!

Billie Jean - Performed by Robert Randolph and the Family Band

(Not great quality)

Is the question :

What’s our opinion on MJ the man ? Cause this is stupid and all the answers expected are : he’s ugly, blabla, surgeon problems, blabla, why didn’t he stay black, blabla.

What’s our opinion on MJ the artist ? Cause there it’s interesting to have a debatte and come over the negative physical stuff we have to say about him. As an artist, he’s very talented, nobody can’t say the opposite, he’s been part of the most brillant artists. And in term of music, he contributed a lot, same in term of dance.

I don’t care about his physical appearence, some of his songs are really good. I’m not fun of his dancing though.