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Michael Clayton

Any opinions?

I saw it yesterday. It was GREAT! I liked it even better than No Country fom.

I saw twice in the theatres, and think that it was definitely one of Clooney’s best performances to date alongside Out of Sight and Syriana. The supporting cast was also incredible from Tom Wilkinson,(Who potrayed the best seemingly insane prophet I’ve seen since Howard Beal.) to Tilda Swinton,(Also continuing the interesting, yet annoying trend of British actors portraying Americans better than even we can these days, by and large.) and Sydney Pollack.(Who isn’t stretching too far to portray the head of the law firm that Clayton works for, but none the less is exceptional.) Overall it worked very well, and balanced a great deal of entertainment with an important message better than most of the other ‘message’ pictures to come out last year. The only exception being ‘In The Valley of Elah’ which was another great film that kinda flew under the radar. Also it was probably the best directorial debut of the year. Via veteran screenwriter Tony Gilroy(The Bourne trilogy), and I hope to see more great things from him both written and directed in the future.

I liked it a lot. saw it on the plane. very gripping

Not sure how it will look in ten years, but I pretty much bought it. It worked because of Clooney. He kept everything real in his time on screen and I never doubted him once (except for that one line). I liked the Apocalypse Now-like intro. At least that’s what it reminded me of.