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McDonalds Advert 'Pulp Style!' McSchwarma [2005]

McDonald Advert Pulp Fiction Style! - McSchwarma [2005]

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This Is The Coolest Mickey-D Advert I Ever Cease! :o

It’s really really cool ! Hope I can download it :-</E>

that’s hilarious

nice ad; looks pretty tasty. I wouldn’t mind eating that, if it came here to the States

For some fucking reason, I can’t play it. >:(

Try this, I’m having troubles with that iFilm site too.

Hahahaha so funny. Vincent actor really look like John Travolta :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ve seen it. Pretty cool. Tarantino BEST have cashed in the dough on this one. - translation - Quentin should have made a lot of money off the rites to do this commercial.

Lol. This one if even funnyier: Hockey With Jules Winfield:

Is there a way to download it, like the other one ?