Mc chris's Quentin Tarantino song

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. It looked best to me.

Anyway, rap artist mc chris released a song out Quentin Tarantino on April 1st. It can be heard by going to

I did have a question about some lyrics I didn’t understand. I don’t know if he got some wrong info or heard a quote on some interview and I just can not find it.

wrote a script bout mallory and mickey

story’s kinda gorey some said sorta sickening

wrote a rom com bout a elvis quotin creature

fall in love at a sonny chiba triple feature

stole a hooker from a pimp stole coke from the sopranos

then he sold it to joel silver before everything goes blammo

one script in the stack in which i wanted to act

fuck rejections by readers in one year they’ll retract

The lyrics in question are in bold. They way it comes off is that Tarantino wanted to act in True Romance. One year later would have been when Pulp Fiction came out. But I am not 100% sure if that is right or if it is referring to something else. Can anyone shed an light on what the lyrics might mean. Thank you in advance.