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Maxim's second greatest villan of all time

[color=Red]i was on and the trivia about michael madsen said his character of mr. blonde (vic vega) was voted second greatest movie villan of all time.

would anyone happen to know what issue this was in

Well, obviously…  ;D who was first? and why the hell wasn’t it blonde? lol.

Maxim apparently are big QT fans… they named Pulp Fiction the 11th best guy movie ever, and Dogs 21st.

yea they are big fans… but this article must have been a long time ago…i tried going back to 1999 on their website and couldn’t find it :’(

i love mr. blonde…crazy, but always has a smile.

Nah, this was a pretty recent issue. I think I might have. Lemme go look

Edit: Nevermind, fuck that. I just moved and all my shit is in boxes so I’ll look lata

Shit, now I remember. I think it was those two fuckin rednecks from Deliverance.

thanks buono.