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Mario Bava


Ok, we all know that tarantino is a big fan of him.

Black Sunday, Planet Of The Vampires, Baron Blood are some of his Bava favourites.

He wanted to release blood and black lace on rolling thunder pictures …


. . . black sunday and planet of the vampires ROCK!!!

. . . speaking of the bava family, i just received a triple feature grindhouse pack that features beyond the darkness, house on the edge of the park and . . . a lamberto bava-directed movie called delerium . . .


lamberto bava is not very good to say the least… still, delirium is supposed to be one of his best, with Demons and Macabro.

There is a great Italian DVD of Planet of the vampires out there, w/ gorgeous a picture


. . . lamberto bava’s demons is good . . .

. . . delirium was exceptional and the lead actress quite sexy. house on the edge of the park was great and beyond the darkness a knockout showstopper . . .


i don’t like Delirium… granted lamberto made a couple of fun films like blastfighter or Red ocean but he is far to be as good as his father…

beyond the darkness is my favorite of the three you mentionned. when I saw it I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! it’s D’Amato’s best film, by far!


I’ve only seen Macabre from Lamberto Bava and it was pretty entertaining, so I’ll probably give his other films a try.


Macabro is fine. Demon, Blastfighter and Red Ocean (the French title is: Apocalypse in the red ocean, ;D)are pretty entertaining pieces of euro exploitation too. one of his problems is that he made most of his films during the huge crisis of Italian cinema in the 80s. so he made a lot of super cheap movies or TV movies. but still, he is no Mario.