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Marcellus's gun?

Was the gun that was used to kill Vincent by Butch, Marcellus’s gun?

[quote]Was the gun that was used to kill Vincent by Butch, Marcellus’s gun?[/quote]

Yep. Marcellus left his gun at the apartment when he went to get the donuts and coffee.

?? what?

i’d says it’s vincent’s gun, he put it down there because he didnt want to take it with into the toilet.

[quote]?? what?

i’d says it’s vincent’s gun, he put it down there because he didnt want to take it with into the toilet.[/quote]

Now that I think about it your right Seb. It said on the Trivia track on the Pulp DVD that it was Marcellus’ gun, but Marcellus had a gun with him when he was shooting at Butch.

yeah and Marsellus is a big boss, he doesnt use a czech submachine gun with silencer… thats killer style, vincent’s style, not marsellus’ style

how do you know what Marsellus is like, he could be one bad motha fucka man, that gun could just have been brought in by both of them ya know

it was marsellus’ gun…just deal with it guys…it says it everywhere…including the dvd

Wouldnt Vincent use that gun a few days before when he was with Jules? They were like, “We need shotguns for this shit.”, I think a silenced uzi would do just as well. And Marcellus probably carries a gun all the time, thats why he had the one he at shot butch with.

It’s not an UZI!!!

It’s a MAC-10 (or MAC-11 -Both are similar) with a supressor (silencer)

But as far as who’s gun it is. I could see it as both Marcellus’ or Vincent’s.

CAuse Vincent COULD be carrying a pistol AND a submachine gun. And so could Marcellus.

So I see Vincent maybe chilling in the kitchen and drinking or something then needing to take a shit…so why would he want to lug that monster to the john with him?

Then again, could be Marcellus’ aswell, why the hell would he take it with him? Can’t lug around a gun like that in broad daylight.

So I think it’s probably Vincents…I don’t give a fuck what the commentary says.

I just see Wallace and Vincent sitting on the couch watching TV, Vincent with a MAC-10 on his knee while eating a donut and watching The Price is Right with Wallace.

Does Vincent even have a gun with him in Butch’s apartment, though? I don’t remember seeing a holster or anything after he got shot, but I guess that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

It was Vince’s gun, but Marsellus was there. He did go and get coffee and donuts for them. But Vince wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, and I think that he would be stupid enough to leave his gun on the counter while he took a shit, besides that he was cocky, too. He never would have thought in a million years that Butch would come home and shoot him with it, even though he was there waiting for Butch to come home. Ironic isn’t it.

??? personally, I am clueless as to why anybody would waste 30 seconds of their life to respond to a topic as this, but I’m here, so I can’t really talk.

I don’t really care whose gun it is, but if I had to guess, I’d say it belonged to Marsellus, but Vince, of course, was using it, which probably doesn’t mean a thing. Now regardless of what thye DVD trivia said, it still doesn’t make sense why Marsellus would be in the apartment himself when Vince was there to do the dirty work (unles he just wanted to have the satisfaction of seeing Butch get killed in person)

But like I said, I won’t sleep any worse pondering over this great mystery of life.

good post Mr. Blue