Manhattan Beach Video Archives Days

Ok. Starkey and I took two pictures of Manhattan Bread Co., the building that used to be Video Archives. Then we got bored and stopped. We put these pictures on a website, because we are way to stupid to know how to put them here. The website is boring as fuck. It’s just two pictures of a building, a picture of a manhattan beach street sign (As proof that we aren’t lying) two pictures of starkey standing on his car, and a video of us at the building that used to be VA. If you go, read the writing on the home page. It explains everything and contains a brief apology. So if you have a burning desire to see where QT used to work, or you just always wanted to know what Starkey and I look like, here it is:

That’s it. If you like it then i don’t know what to say. If you hate it and think it sucks, tell me so. I always like hearing that kind of shit. Oh yeah, and the links to the different pages are on the top of the page.

EDIT: I’m still working on covering my house with feces, and it will take me a couple of days to kill a hobo.

Thanks for the effort, man. The photo is ok - now I know what Q.T. former workplace looks like …

Why did you thank me for the effort? There was absolutely no effort. The hardest part was walking the whole two blocks to get there. Anyway, i used my video camera for the pictures. I’ll try to get a real Digital Camera to take better ones, and i won’t do it half assed. BTW, what did you think of Starkey’s picture?

Oh, do you guys like the name of the site? I thought that it was rather tasteful. Just in case you don’t know, it’s the name on the link.

Yes, BEAUTIFULL CINEMATOGRAPHY on the VIDEO there BadMotherFucker. lol

Nice website, Starky on the car was funny.

Redkings sucks.

You like it. I even had the focus on manual focus when i zoomed up on Starkey’s face so that it would look distorted. It was all intentional i assure you. Oh, and that time when the camera shakes like shit for a second, that’s becaue it was supposed to look important. I definitely didn’t trip on the sidewalk. No fucking way. BTW, I look like a bad mother fucker don’t I.

hardy fucking har


it’s called my best friend’s BIRTHDAY and I am working on getting it out. the problem is: i don’t know how to get it from VHS to CD.

somebody should buy the DVD-R at and send a cd-rip over

It’s kind of complicated, but if your video card (at the back of the computer) has an S-Video connector, you connect it to the VCR and transfer that way. Problem is, the VCR has to have the S-Video connection too (and it’s on newer ones only). I think it works if you connect it to the TV though.

Or we could just wait for someone to burn the DVD-R one. I would buy it but I’m kind of short on dough now.

[quote]Yes, BEAUTIFULL CINEMATOGRAPHY on the VIDEO there BadMotherFucker. lol

Nice  website, Starky on the car was funny.

Redkings sucks.[/quote]
The starkey on the car move is called “THE LOOKBACK”. From now on PLEASE use the proper termonology. Jerk.





Oh yeah? measuring penis Oh. Yeah.

a very cool article by Todd Mecklem (QT read this article):

<LINK_TEXT text=“The Quentin Tarantino Archives - Everything QT since 1999 … &Itemid=41”>The Quentin Tarantino Archives - Everything QT since 1999</LINK_TEXT>

^Good read

Seconded. An interesting article.

Do I get any thanks?

I’ve grown up in Manhattan Beach my whole life and when I was younger, a toddler or so, my dad and I used to rent movies from VA every weekend and rent Sleeping Beauty (QT apparently let me kiss the movie cover once which I thought was the coolest thing ever at the time). My dad and QT used to talk about whatever he was doing at the time but I don’t remember him at all, unfortunately.

man ! :o you met QT when you was younger and you don’t remember it ! doesn’t your dad remember more of it ? it must be irritating !

i wonder if QT’s old video store that he used to work in is still around

I’ve often wondered that myself. last I read, yeah. but that was a while ago.

I’ve often wondered that myself. last I read, yeah. but that was a while ago.

its not. its closed. i try to find some links, but i think it closed down some years after QT left.

thts a shame ,it would be pretty cool if it was open! - wow, to think he used to work in a video store! :slight_smile: